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The Nature of an Erika

Today I’m wearing my bright blue Adidas that I bought in Japan. I love them.  I’m not afraid to admit it, and I’m not shy to wear them.  If I would have asked I’m sure anyone would have dissuaded me from sporting the loud kicks. But really, I didn’t ask for any ones opinion on the matter and I don’t think anyone feels offended by my decision since I look cute in them since the red stripe matches the red  cardigan I’m wearing.

Its raining!  Good thing I’m getting a ride with my neighbors or else more of my blog today might be devoted to this sorry situation of showers.

I think I’m PMSing right now, and you know how I know?  It pretty unique, and not at all the classic story.  I don’t get moody or hungry for chocolate… I become a blond.  I turn into this ditsy, bumbling, stumbling, forgetful chicken with its head cut off!  Last night I forgot my keys to my house and was locked out for 4 hours.  I overstayed my welcome at all the nearby businesses and eventually resorted to doing plyometrics in a miniskirt on a small patch of grass for warmth until my roommate saved me. Never a dull moment!  Good news is, now I’m great friends with the staff of Subway–thanks for the free sandwich, guys.

After this weekend, I’m a happy girl.  I feel spoiled by life, and mostly spoiled by my dad. Groceries, printer, phone, PIZZA! (for the first time since Japan, can you believe that?)  My phone is an amazing work of art! A beautiful masterpiece of technology.  It Verizon’s response to the iPhone… and because I’m never going to let go of it, my skill at returning calls, charging my phone, and staying connected to the world will greatly improve.   If you don’t already know, I’m probably the least attached a person can be to their cell phone.  And I’m known to go “missing” for days at a time, without leaving anyone a way to gain a hold of me… though, that is the nature of an Erika.

Right now I’m working on my very first feature story.  It’s very exciting, and I think it should be a decent story except for I tend to become too emotionally attached to adjectives.  It’s an intimate, unconditional love…I care deeply and endlessly for a great adjective, and the thought of parting with it can be hard to bare!  This can clutter a story… which is why I’m more of a writer than I am a reporter.  I can be both, but apparently thats being optimistic.  Usually a journalist is good at one or the other “they say”… pssshhh.  I’m damn good at both.

I just want to write about one last important idea. Honestly: I am the happiest that I’ve ever been in my whole entire life.  This is no stretch of the imagination, and I’m not exaggerating my feelings.  I’m wearing colors again, I’ve lost weight without thinking about it, I’ve stopped wearing as much makeup, I love the food that I eat, I take care of myself, hang out with great people, stay busy… and other than that I don’t know what else to say.  I just want to stay right where I am forever.  The thought that the best is yet to come is amazing… I can’t imagine life getting any better.


3 thoughts on “The Nature of an Erika

  1. leah says:

    its because you rubbed the toooeee!!!!
    i love your love of your phone because it means you text me at 9 am to tell me you love me!
    and i love that you are a happy girl, WITHOUT the prednisone.
    even though cracked-out-erika was preeetty fun.

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