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I Want To Hold Your Hand

It’s dangerous to write about romance in a blog post. I realize this. And I’ve only done it but a few brief times in the past, so this act alone speaks for itself. I’m totally out of line posting this… getting ahead of myself and whatnot but it’s bubbling up inside of me and a writer has to write!
As a gender, or group or whatever you want to call it… boys are amazing. They are and always will remain somewhat of a mystery to me, and that’s why i love them so much. Their charm and complexities fascinate me! I get so carried away, all the while looking like some sort of confused girl somewhere in the midst of being a tease and a hopeless romantic. There’s a term my friends use called an “Erika-crush”. Its when I fall for the idea of a certain boy, or the desire to get to know him and as quickly as it came, it goes away. Then I’m left with this web of excitement that I’ve spun for nothing.
The thing is, i have no idea what I’m looking for! If you note all the boys I’ve ever liked, none of them have a damn thing in common. I suppose if you asked me to spout off about my “dream” guy I could do it… but a glance at the list would make you laugh! I’ve often thought to myself that such a boy doesn’t exist. Alas, I really think this perfection has taken physical form.
I won’t blame anyone for not believing me when I write that this “Erika-crush” is different. I’m not even sure that it is… but the boy certainly is. He is. And because of that I really hope that the “Erika-crush” is different. I think that it is. So I’m going about it differently, slowly and calmly and if nothing comes of it then that perfectly okay because at least I know that this perfection exists.
The End


4 thoughts on “I Want To Hold Your Hand

  1. I know exactly what you mean by all this. Boys are amazing, yet so very confusing and ALWAYS ALWAYS there.

    Every guy I’ve been interested in has been completely different from the previous and future one. If I were to make the list, it’d probably sound ridiculous as well, and make people laugh.

    I honestly have no idea what I’m looking for, either. I quit looking. I’m going to start letting it come to me.

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  3. I don’t think I’ve ever met a girl who was interested in boys like this. Or maybe I’ve stumbled upon something that only girls are supposed to read, like some crazy secret society shit…

    I dunno, maybe I read too much Cosmo, and maybe I’m too much of a traitor to my sex, but I’ve never thought of guys as being notable for their charm and complexity. And I’m not just working from stereotypes, either, though I do think Die Hard is a sweet movie.

    I dunno. Charm and complexity are things I think girls are better at having. Guys aren’t all simple, and they’re not all blunt about stuff, but they’re definitely a bit simpler than girls as a whole.

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