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Safety In The Form of Peppermint Tea

Written a few days ago but forgot to publish: I was right about Into the Wild.  I considered putting that movie right behind Pulp Fiction on my favorites list, but the ending shook me so hard I need to sit on it a while.  The photography was amazing, as was the acting.  I couldn’t help but see some of myself in the main character, although be was much more extreme than I.  The tough part is, it took him many months and solitary living in Alaska to discover the same conclusion I had come to after 2 months alone in Japan:  Happiness is meant to be shared.  We’re humans. We’re social, loving creatures, and the ending to that movie was so tragic…. I can’t get it out of my mind. Today:Today, I am home.  I came home unexpectedly for the weekend and it feels like a glove.  Sonoma has never felt so good, and I think its because I don’t consider it my town anymore.  I don’t “own” it, and I don’t really know anyone here anymore.  Or maybe it just doesn’t feel like I do.  Not having the feeling that I know everyone, and not feeling territorial of this valley I’m able to gain a different aspect.  A simple and beautiful perspective of this town that can only be gained from leaving it, and succeeding. Last night I had a dinner with just my parents.  To me, the situation and the ambiance were so beautiful and complex an artistic cinematographer should have captured it.  I slept like someone who has had a million different things on their mind does when they’ve been taken into safe arms.  My feeling in life right now is so unique and amazing I hardly know if there are adjectives to describe it or give it justice… it feels like potent force, stability, enthusiasm for learning and living, and it feels like love.  It feels like love escaping my body in every way possible.  To say this is not to say that I’m in love, its to say that I do love; I love life, I love my life.  This morning my dad and I rode our cruiser bikes around town and got coffee together.  It was a crisp spring morning and the sun was in a perfect place in the sky and the daffodils and cherry blossoms have bloomed.  Coffee, and then I met up with my mom for a Gorgonzola salad, manicures/pedicures and a new purple lace bra.  Adorable, isn’t it?  Now my mama and I are watching a movie and watching the velvety sunset over the pretty mountains and we’re about to eat a delicious dinner.  This evening I’m accompanying my dad to pick up my little sister at the airport.  She doesn’t know I’m here, and when I see her I plan on hugging her for much, much too long.  And there we have it, my current life situation… all it needs is a dash of earnest affection and a twist of lust.


4 thoughts on “Safety In The Form of Peppermint Tea

  1. I always love reading your posts. This is my first time ever actually commenting them.

    I love how real you are in each and every one. You sound a lot like me. Your posts are always so interesting and intriguing.

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