Adventures, Friends, Life, SLO-Town & My Academic Adventure

A Cold, Creamy Root Beer Sounds Dee-lish.

Here in my glory, with fingernails the color of root-beer, I categorize things into 2’s and 1’s.

2 pieces of paper to limit my adjectives, limit my wandering…… 2 feet, red pedicured and purple scarred…… 2 sisters who taught me capacity for love; I carry their hearts–I carry them in my heart.

1 bracelet cliche and subtle, but sometimes that’s the reminder you need.  My eye is singular because it tends to hide behind my swoopy bangs.  I wish I could make it look sometimes…… And finally, one thought.  The thought that if I don’t keep my chin up my shyness is mistaken for sadness, my thought for apathy, and my desire for restlessness.

Today the beach with my girl Eva!  Oh the sand, the surf, the sun, the soda, the subs, the sweet sarcasm, and so simple and stupid is my search for “S”….. that may be my all time low.

Ha. Lastly, check out this video I found. Not new, but I’d never seen it before… Sofia Coppola directed it.  Sassy!


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