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: )

Today was amazing. Amazing, and perfectly simple. I went with the boys off into the country side, way out into the middle of nowhere and read my book in the sun and hiked aroud while they went dirt biking. It was this beautiful, warm day, soft breeze, not a cloud in the sky, and the sky was my favorite bright blue color. I layed on a log and read with my shoes off and the sunshine in my face, and everything was silent. All I could hear was the birds and the bees and the wind brushing through the trees, and the pen on my paper and then out of the silence I would hear dirt bikes in the distance and I would smile to myself because these guys are so cool, I’m seriously so stoked they moved in next door.

Thats all! Sounds lame, and I don’t know why I loved it so much… but I did đŸ™‚


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