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All I Want For My Birthday Is A Pony

BOOYAKASHA! Stream of consciousness:

First of all, I need my hairz cut so badly, I keep twisting and pulling at the back of my brown bob because I’m not used to all the extra length back there.  And my arm positioning while I twist my hair makes it seem as though I’m raising my hand in class so the teachers call on me and then I say “Oopsies! I’m just nervously pulling my hair, sorry…”  But I need to get over it because I’m growing my hairs OUT. I want ’em long, as in shoulder length, as in I’m dying to pull my hair into a brunette pony.  Oh, how I long for a pony! Pony-tail that is… god “pony” is a silly word isn’t it?  Sort of like “fork”… but if you think hard enough about any word you begin to hear the absurdity of it.

There’s something to be said for the simplicity in a miniskirt, a wife beater and a colorful bra.  There’s also something to be said for…. wait, ok sooo… not even kidding, I think I just chipped my tooth in the midst of typing.  I’ll run and check on this in a sec… continuing on:

Yesterday, the beach was awesome.  In the excitement of it all, I stupidly forgot to put on my bikini bottoms so I had to play off my panties as a bathing suit.  It totally worked! We frolicked in  the waves and watched 2 bros try to toss a football.  We almost said to them as they walked my, “Hey babe who taught you to throw like that?  YOUR MOM??” Then I drank a root beer and chewed bubble gum while Eva and I sat on the porch doing homework.

I want to go to Kenya so badly.  I’m going to go right after I graduate from college, before grad school… so yeach there’s that. God dammit, you know what I totally can’t concentrate anymore, I seriously think I chipped my tooth. I’m gunna check on this. Sorry to cut it short, love ya!


3 thoughts on “All I Want For My Birthday Is A Pony

  1. I chipped my tooth once, it hurt, then I ran my tongue over it again and again because it bugged, and eventually, my tongue started hurting. So, I screwed myself into more parts of my mouth hurting. It was ridiculous.

    I remember when I had long hair, then cut it. Butt length to an a-cut, it was so dramatic. But now its grown out again, and I’m definitely excited for that.

  2. A. C. Mercer says:

    I always have haircuts. I don’t like my hair too long. Maybe ‘cos I’m worried about what it might do… lol

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