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What I Want, What I Really Really Want.

I know that I’m asking too much of most people with my desire for them to be straight forward. My life experience has taught me that in order to move on from misunderstandings and arguments quickly, it must be discussed in an honest, calm manner with an open mind. Unfortunately few people are really able to do that and it’s a shame!

I find myself getting annoyed about having to read into body language and other subtle messages in order to really understand what someone is saying. I prefer someone to cordially tell me what they want, need or desire. Is this a character flaw of mine? I just always find it much easier to say whats on my mind; since none of my thoughts have bad intentions I feel I have no reason not to be honest. But am I straight forward to a fault? Because no one else seems to be following trend and I feel confused!

Today I hiked to the top of the mountain behind my house… it looks like the sound of music with buttercups and clovers and poppies everywhere. The grass is bright green and short and I know that mountain is my new place. All I need is a book, some iced tea and some sunshine… I’m a happy girl.

My restless frustration grows
like virgin green vines across
a red brick wall.
Bright bricks made up of
yes I can! and yes I am!
stack thick and high
the metaphor stops there.

How sturdy my wall if
compromised so easily?

Without a word,
my chin to my chest
smooth thighs pressed together
like a peanut butter & jelly sandwich.

I begin to,
I almost do,
for a fleeting moment you
have my wall–
and I gave it, too.

My gift opens its glossy, ebony wings.
A crow at dawn, it
slowly flies a steady line
toward the horizon.
Relieved; my feelings,
like a ripe red bottle of Cabernet,
are left uncorked.


Annnd check this out:

“Blogger Erika reports that Obama is a “beautiful, quaint fishing town with lush green hills, beautiful coastlines, and yummy sea food. They also specialize in luxury chopsticks.” ”

I’m stoked.


One thought on “What I Want, What I Really Really Want.

  1. We sound more and more similiar each and every day. I’m a really straight forward person to, but I don’t think its a character flaw. I think we just have the right outlook, not saying everyone else has the wrong, but do you get what I mean? Sometimes, it can sound bad when we’re so honest and upfront, but to me, its better than beating around the bush. I’d rather be hurt, or hurt someone (not that I really want to) by being 100% honest to start with.

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