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Ten Nouns On My Mind

(yogurt)  …with a banana and oatmeal… I miss it.  It’s been a while since I’ve had yogurt and my life is beginning to feel wrong, my mornings incomplete, and my heart unsatisfied.

(mountain)  This new perch I’ve discovered is going to become my nearly-daily routine.  Mountains are the closest things to God I’ve yet found.

(tea)  Morning, noon and night;  Good for the mind and the body; Hot or iced, either way… tea is my husband.  I need some more the sweet and spicy stuff I love so much.

(slam poetry)  My first poetry book was a slam book in the fifth grade and it’s still in my book bag right now.  Fresh to death, it’s like a combination of soul, beat and poetics yet not quite hip-hop… the new but never old.

(fruits and veggies)  I need more of them in my life.  The thing is, starchy carbohydrates are much cheaper but they make me feel puffy and doughy, like Pillsbury.  Get that stuff away from me I want a grapefruit!

(tennis)  Today Eva and I are playing, it’s a hoot.  My forearms are still a bit sore from last time but it’s well worth it.  I can totally see why the trophy wives love tennis; social, stylish and classy.  I’m there!

(aries)  My sign, I’m basically a textbook Aries.  Lately I’ve been diggin’ my horoscope, but I also sort of hate that the stars can predict me so well.  Coinsidence?  Couldn’t say.

(squeaky clean hair)  Some days I love it, but really it’s pretty rare.  I find it too slippery and it falls in my face uncontrolably.  As of now I’m having major problems growing it out…  Honestly though, clean hair is best the next day. 

(royal blue)  I’m so attracted to this color its uncanny.  I might look down at all the clothes I’m trying on in Urban Outfitters only to find they’re all bright blue.  This, and bright orangy red.  I’m a straight OG, about to get jumped one of these dayzz.

(Pismo Dunes)  Went there this weekend with the boys across-the-way, now I see why my sisters Boston friends are itching to get out to the dunes.  It’s basically a giant playground, only 10X better.


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