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My Mental State, Conveyed Through Quotations

Honestly, I dont really know what to write today. I just feel like I need to begin and hope that I go somewhere with it, but I feel at a loss…

“I’m not confused, I’m just well mixed.”

“Yes, if there is such a thing as one, I am one. — People like me are aware of their so-called genius at ten, eight, nine. . . . I always wondered, “Why has nobody discovered me?” In school, didn’t they see that I’m cleverer than anybody in this school? That the teachers are stupid, too? That all they had was information that I didn’t need? I got…lost in being at high school. I used to say to me auntie, “You throw my…poetry out, and you’ll regret it when I’m famous, ” and she threw the bastard stuff out. I never forgave her for not treating me like a…genius or whatever I was, when I was a child. It was obvious to me. Why didn’t they put me in art school? Why didn’t they train me? Why would they keep forcing me to be a…cowboy like the rest of them? I was different, I was always different. Why didn’t anybody notice me? A couple of teachers would notice me, encourage me to be something or other, to draw or to paint – express myself. But most of the time they were trying to beat me into being a…dentist or a teacher. And then the…fans tried to beat me into being a…Beatle or an Engelbert Humperdinck, and the critics tried to beat me into being Paul McCartney.”
-John Lennon, responding to the question “Are you a genius?”

“At two-tenths the speed of light, dust and atoms might not do significant damage even in a voyage of 40 years, but the faster you go, the worse it is–space begins to become abrasive. When you begin to approach the speed of light, hydrogen atoms become cosmic-ray particles, and they will fry the crew. …So 60,000 kilometers per second may be the practical speed limit for space travel.”

I feel like existentialism. I feel like The Talking Heads (How did I get here?) I feel like a passenger on this tiny, whirling, floating bright blue pea and I have no say in the matter. I quite like it, but sometimes I just need a moment to myself. Sometimes I feel like I wish I were Heidi, living sweetly and simply in the mountains with not much more than some goats, fresh spring water and 2 beautiful braided pigtails.


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