SLO-Town & My Academic Adventure, Sonoma

Don’t Forget Your Dancing Shoes!!

I’M HOOOME! For the weekend, it’s great. My dad and sis fly in from Boston this afternoon (should be here really soon, actually) But right now Rashell is picking me up and I CAN’T WAIT to see that girl…. honestly, I’m jumping around right now and I’m going to have to make this a super speedy post.

All I wanted to do is say I LOVE THE BAY, and also share with you this website that someone else shared with me. It’s amazing, has thousands of speeches given by hundreds of amazing people about inspiring things. This one was, in my opinion, especially interesting and also a bit shorter than the rest: On letter writing.

SPRING BREAK BABY this one is going to be awesome. Already is and it’s only the second day 🙂 Enjoy the sunshine, babies… and if it’s cloudy just pretend you’re in paradise and don’t forget your dancing shoes!


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