He Don’t Knoooooow Me

Things that are on my mind:

Check out this blog, Erika News Network. It rocks,
I played a mean April Fools prank and I feel bad about it,
I currently stopped biting my nails and my hair is getting long, too…
I love having my car,
I’m excited to take 9 week classes,
I need to buy groceries and I CAN afford them thanks to my grandma,
I’m stoked for this weekend,
I’m stoked to have my surfboard down here,
I’m irritated that the boy I like thinks I could be a lady-cop, (whaaa?!!!)
I’m feeling like “ummmm……..WOW….” *rolls her eyes*, because of that comment.
Switched OFF, for reeeal comeon now! Who says that?
and I’m currently loving this song:
John Legend, Save Room


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