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I Am A Human Catastrophe

Written Yesterday But Forgot To Publish:

Last night I decided it would be a fabulous idea to run home, as fast as I could… and then I took a naaaaasty spill in the process. Please allow me to illustrate. My thought process was that the walk home was far too boring and long, and I didn’t want to be alone anymore, so I ran. I was in high spirits (no pun intended) and I started gaining momentum and before I knew it i was going pretty fast, and SPLAT. So hard… I don’t know if its a good thing or a bad thing that no one saw. I was totally alone, no cars or people in sight, just me and my uneven slab of cement sharing an intimate bonding experience. And then I called Rayna to tell her that I had just eaten shit, that I was lucky to have all my teeth in my head and that I just wanted to “touch base” with her. It made myself feel better to tell someone. So now I injured my brand new manicure that Lauren bought me for my birthday, my elbow is bright purple, and my left middle and index fingers are like little breakfast sausages, only purple. And today is my first day of work. And tonight is Ken’s 21st birthday party.

Written Today:

It’s 8:23 in the morning and last night was Ken’s party. Why am I awake right now??… that party was SO. FREAKING. FUN. And my first day of work was awesome too. It’s the CUTEST little brick sandwich shop, and I wear a cute little apron, and the cutest couple owns it. It’s so friendly and laid back I can hardly believe it! I found the perfect little job for me 🙂 I need some ice water and a shower, but I hope your weekend was as good as mine.


One thought on “I Am A Human Catastrophe

  1. rayna says:

    amazing weekend. simply amazing. im sorry about your fingers but your phone call made me crack up. i cant believe i get to see you AGAIN next weekend. i love you so.

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