Friends, Life, love, Nineteen, San Luis Obispo


Two Words To Describe Me:
1. Blissful
2. Drowsy

Two Names:
1. Englebert Humperdink (the name I decided for Lauren’s Hedgehog)
2. Grandma (always the cherry on my sundae)

Two Things I Wish Lasted That Didn’t:
1. My Manicure
2. Saturday Night

Two Simple Things:
1. Breakfast With My Best Friends
2. Laughing Hysterically For Days On End With Lauren (she went home this morning and I’m still laughing)

Two Things I Adore:
1. The Neighbor Boys
2. The Nap I’m About To Take

Two Things I Miss:
1. Ashley
2. Claire

Two Things I Want To Say:
1. Sever the ambiguity and inject your words with potency.
2. It’s All About J.D. Salinger And A Perfect Day For Bananafish.

Two Colors I Love Right Now:
1. “Passion Orange”
2. Light Turquoise

Two Pet Peeves:
1. The Incorrect Usage Of “your,” “there,” And “to.”
2. Popsicle Sticks On My Teeth.

Two Things I Want To Go Away:
1. My Swollen Fingers, Wrist & Hand.
2. My Pile Of Laundry.

Two Places I Want To Go This Summer
1. The Grand Canyon.
2. Boston.

But right now nothing sounds better than taking off my clothes and indulging in an afternoon nap in my bed. Delicious… Sweet dreams, tomorrow I will write.


One thought on “Deuces

  1. ashley says:

    there is no one anyone here wants to meet more than you, so you most definitely need to come!

    also, i took joanie’s e-mail chain quiz today, and there was one question that had me match colors with people in my life, and i said that you were white.

    the results?

    “the name matched with white is your twin soul.”

    xoxox miss you, and i hope your sausage fingers feel better soon 🙂

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