Life, As A Box Of Chocolates

On May 30th all of my girlfriends and I are getting really dressed up, as in suuuuper flashy, chic/hip, fashionably creative and high-class and we’re going to a fancy dinner, drinking cosmopolitans and strutting to the Sex And The City Movie. Oooooooo I can’t WAIT…

But the Tuesday before, I’m going with some friends to see Flight Of The Conchords in Nob Hill. I pounced on those tickets this morning, got some awesome seats and I’m totally planning on wearing all Bret Mckenzie paraphanelia… yes, I am a Bretrosexual Bretaholic and I’m not afraid to admit it. That’s the first step toward recovery, right?

So within the same few minutes I bought my FOTC tickets, my sister called me and told me she got her and I John Mayer tickets this summer in Boston. So looks like I’m headed to Boston!! Oh my goodness, oh my goodness, oohhhhhhhhhh my goodness I’m so excited I’m going to just float away like a happy yellow balloon or something. Ashley, my boy John, in Boston???? Too much awesomeness to handle.


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