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I Forgot Shoelaces Today. And I Like It That Way.

Yesterday I got a manicure and went on a hike because I got my first paycheck and I thought I’d treat myself. Jeeze my mind is stuck right now. Mainly I’m stressing about school… next semester I’m doing accelerated courses; I can’t handle this long, drawn out stuff again.

At work my friend Peter and I were talking about Aries, since we’re both Aries.  For some reason, he’s kind of like the male version of me so I found myself gaining lots of insight about myself from listening to him.  We’re loyal to a fault, but are very cautious with our hearts and fall in love rarely because it can take us years of our life to recuperate from loss.  For friends and comfort we’re strongly attracted to our own sign, and many Aries have the same shape eyebrow that he and I have.  How weird is that?

AHHHhhh my writing is so bad lately and I don’t know what so say about it… I don’t know what to say because I can’t say how I feel out of fear that some people I don’t want to know my feelings read my blog.  But I began this blog with a commitment to integrity, that’s the only way it remains the least bit interesting.  Written words don’t make my feelings any more real than they already are,

“[Be] aware that what is fundamentally mysterious doesn’t become any less mysterious because we’ve put it into words. ‘Words, words, as if all worlds were there.’ Which is to say, a menu won’t fill our bellies; a love poem isn’t a kiss.”

I could talk and talk and talk, write and write and ramble on and on, I could attempt to decipher my feelings and phycoanalyze my actions but I don’t really want to.  It takes too much time and energy when only a few simple, brief lines need to be said………  And I just deleted the whole end of this blog post. I fucking HATE that I have to censor myself, but I do.  Sorry everybody.


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