Life, Nineteen, San Luis Obispo



So this was the sunset… interesting evening, really. Hmmm…

I feel like heaven right now, I’ve spent the morning in bed… not drinking tea or reading the news, not writing or even listening to music, just laying in my cozy-warm-spot realizing that my entire bed is a cozy warm spot and realizing that every position is comfy.  Whats the deal with the morning that makes skin so soft?  I can’t stop massaging the small of my back, it’s like silk and I’m captivated by it!  And I might add that I’ve recently discovered that even if I try to go to bed with clothes on, I wake up naked with a glimmer of a memory that I stripped them off in the middle of the night without care.

I work in an hour so I’m going to make myself some breakfast.

I hope you have a nice day, I’m thinking about you and I miss you a little bit :/


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