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Perfect Day. Period.

It’s 11:00 p.m. and Eva and I are about to pick up her boyfriend Ken to drive to Morro Bay to take him to his car.  I don’t feel like explaining but I’m excited to drive with Eva because we’ve had such a great day.

I woke up early on Ken’s couch this morning with my retainers in my mouth, a one-eyed cat laying between my legs and my cell phone singing.  So Eva and I went to breakfast at the Splash Cafe (AWESOME) and I had a scramble and a diet coke for breakfast.  (Lately, diet coke is my main squeeze.)

I layed in the sun and talked to my mommy and my sissy on the phone and then went with Eva downtown.  While she worked I painted pottery for 3 hours and then went home, showered, changed into an outfit straight outta the Breakfast Club (plus a twist of sex appeal) and felt like a new person.  I took Eva to check out some bathing suits and we ate orange chicken and listened to Bobby Daren and Natasha Beddingfield.

We’ve had a wonderful day…  feeling a tad drowsy about now, 

7 minutes later:

I just jumped around Eva’s living room for a minute, half dancing with enthusiasm, half punching the air with frustration when suddenly, I STOPPED, put my finger to my mouth like I do when I’m thinking, made a prediction and minutes later discovered that I started my period, which is truly miraculous for 2 reasons:

1)  My period is a shy visitor who only comes once every few months or so, and doesn’t usually hang around for very long,

2)  Eva witnessed the whole thing, which we found to be hilarious (but then, we’ve been laughing all day)


Sorry for the girly interjection. So sorry.

An hour and a half later:

Just got back from Morro Bay, fun drive, relaxing and meditative to drive at nighttime, listened to John Mayer (of course) sound like caveman because me sleepy. Eva and I are going to cuddle, good night y’all, pretty much a fabulous day.

Fantastic weekend, for that matter.

Shell Beach

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One thought on “Perfect Day. Period.

  1. A. C. Mercer says:

    The first thing I thought when I saw the title was that you had a period – then I remembered that you’re probably American, and therefore call full stops periods. But then it turned out it was about that!

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