Life, Nineteen, Thoughts


I’m sitting here on someone else’s computer watching Garden State practicing nearly every nervous twitch that I have. I keep pausing as I scour the Internet for news and stories, hoping for attention via Myspace, to twist at the hair behind my ear, to bit the skin around my nails, to trace my fingers across and around my hands in a soft, symmetrical way, and to smell my wrist because my natural scent is calming to me (I know that probably sounds really strange but I’ve done it since I was a toddler, I smell my wrist when I’m nervous. I’ve never met anyone like me. I’d like to think there’s a biological reason but I’m really not sure that there is.)

I don’t have anything to say.

I don’t like my job… I think I might quit and I’m not a quitter so it’s kind of a big deal. The ma & pa thing doesn’t work for me. I need more organization and I don’t like feeling like someones bitch and I also don’t appreciate being yelled at and feeling like I was 11 years old again. But I loved 11… Georgia Underwater 🙂

Amy and I forgot to bring the shop sign in when we closed and someone stole it and the owner kind of flipped out. It was scary and funny at the same time because he let me have it and then he huffed and puffed around with a silly angry-face and he kept dropping things which made it that much more funny because he would pick them up and mutter bad words under his breath and stomp away and then he sliced a whole giant thing of Provolone even though we didnt need it! So silly… and it turns out the Salon next door grabbed the sign for us. Soooo silly.

I found my favorite shoes today, just now… Some people think that they’re Crocks and I hate when people think that! They have a resemblance, I”ll admit, but they’re Dansco’s and they’re mom shoes and I love them because they make me slightly taller and they make me feel like Susan Gansel, who is the kind of mom that I want to be someday, only slightly more touchy-feely affectionate.

I was excited to hear from Hugo a few days ago.

I’m rambling. Anyway I have to go. Good day!


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