Somethin’ Good This Way Comes

I’m gunna write this really quickly. Sometimes I tell myself that, but it ends up taking an hour to write a post that I feel happy with. Damn, I just started sneezing again!! This sucks, seriously. I sneezed all day throughout work yesterday, and then I sneezed all throughout a hyphy shinndig that I went to. I also got pulled on stage and legitimately danced with Traxamillion.

Right now I’m sipping a protein fruit smoothie that should hopefully hold me over until about 3 o clock when I get my first break at work. I’m going to ride my bike to work today… I’d also like to go for a jog and paint my nails before work, but i pressed the snooze button waaay too many times and now I don’t have time to do those things. Well, actually… I’m gunna try. So that means I have to go, I have to finish.

Last thing I wanted to say is that… I’m happy to know that my care about the opinions others have of me was probably a lot smaller than your average last night since I danced, in a circle, by myself (but not for long) in front of a venue 1/2 full of SLO hyphy kids, and also the 4 boys across the street, one of whos opinion I used to care a great deal about. Granted, I still care too much about opinions of others while at a nice restaurant or dinner party. Always have, always will. I’m sure.


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