Right now it’s one in the morning and I’m sitting here watching Rob and Big re-runs, petting my bunny. I love this bunny a lot. To be honest, this bunny has really begun to mean a lot to me. I wuv my bunnykins… wittle bunbun 🙂

Tonight I turned down 2 invites and opted to stay home, in my pj’s to spend the evening with myself. I swear there can’t be anything much more inspiring than a nice, long, hot shower devoted to yourself.

Tomorrow Rashell and Leah are coming to visit me! It’s just what the doctor ordered!!! “people lemme tell ya ’bout muh beeeest friend” aw yeah, well theyre coming tomorrow and I can’t wait. I’m around people that seem to like me, but well…. I dunno. You’re never quite sure, since time is the only test and all. These girls have stood the test of time. God I love them.

And there are less than 4 weeks until my sister comes. OHHHHHHHHHH!!! Oh my goodness. Oh my gooooooood nesssssss.

I hope she can meet my bunny. I might not be able to keep it! NO!
I have an idea: my mom, my sisters and I could steal the old bunny hutch from my childhood home. I know that we could. For real, this is on like Donkey Kong. I got the bunners, we got the truck, I feel like that house is still my domain, this bunny hutch is in the bag and badda bing, we got our new bunny set-up. It’ll be Project Bunnykins and I’m making t-shirts. What do ya say mama?? REally tho, how fun would that be? And that stupid liar woman who bought the house isn’t using the backyard, period. We can do this!

I’m gunna go to bed tho. I’m waking up to work out hardcore before the beach with aims on our day off.

PS- people should comment my blog more. It’s better than mail or a nice note left on your windshield. Make me happy 🙂


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