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Heaven is Coldplay, Salt Water and Peter Pan

This is about to be a lengthy blog post, it’s been a few days since i last wrote and I apologize about that. I’m going to start five days ago and give you the highlight reel of my recent escapades…

Last tuesday my friend Chad and I threw his brother a surprise birthday party, something I had never done before and I have to admit that I took enormous satisfaction from it. I baked a cheesecake and an apple pie, which nearly parished in the back of the oven because I anxiously forgot to push the shelf in… and then my roommate watched me have a panic attack because I’m kind of a perfectionist when it comes to things like that and I had worked so hard on it! Alas, everything was okay. It was slightly dry, but it had a big “A” on it. A for Adam.

I got another job at a surf shop called Moondoggies. It’s awesome, and the people that work there are SO coool. I was late for my interview too, since my car battery died. That’s a whole other story! So annoying. Anyway, I have 2 jobs now and I’ll soon be working 7 days a week, but I have to in order to go to Boston to see where my sister lives!

Last night Zach, Britien and I went on a road trip. I got Saturday off of work, and it’s the last day I wont work for a while so we did a quick mish down to Santa Barbara to visit Lauren. I haven’t partied in a few weeks but I sort of made up for that… I raged it to this awesome band (they played reggae and Rage covers) and Lauren and I jumped in the ocean and it was just an all around eventful night.

I’m watching the movie Finding Neverland and it’s pure magic. I’m totally crying right now, this movie is amazing. It’s just so sad, I mean really. Tragedy. Poor Tinker Bell, it’s just so sad. I’m sobbing!…

Also, my bunny died. Here’s the story: He’s been living out on the balcony because we didn’t have a cage for him and he couldn’t stay inside since he makes a mess, so he lived on our balcony. Yes, in retrospect it was very thoughtless. I’m feel horrible about it. So, the bunny was really annoying at night time. He would flip out and run around and scratch on the sliding glass door as if he wanted to get in. The morning my roomie and I decided the bunny had to be taken to the shelter, we found that it was gone. It disappeared off the second floor balcony because and owl carried it away, and that’s what the bunny was trying to tell us. And I didn’t listen. This is terrible, and I just really feel very, very guilty about it.

Sampson, I’m so sorry.

“Speak truth to power.” Read John Steinbeck, listen to Coldplay.

I just FREAKED OUT by myself in my house because Coldplay is so FREAKING AMAZING and their new album is coming out SO SOOON and tickets are going on sale SOOO SOOON!!!!!! And their new song is SO FUCKING GOOD AND THERE”S A SONG CALLED LOVERS IN JAPAN AND I CAN”T CONTAIN MYSELF RIGHT NOW.

I’ve just gone from crying to laughing in a matter of minutes.

Dear Mom,

I know how much you wish I could have been home for Mothers Day to cuddle with you and watch movies and cook a nice dinner. I wish that I could be there too. I really miss you and I hope that you had a beautiful Mothers Day, full of mimosas and pancakes and those delicious fresh diced strawberries that I can never get enough of.

I hope that today everyone told you what an amazing mother you are. I know that they did, because you are. Everyday I feel blessed and thankful of the things you’ve taught me, from pie crust to perfume, about self-discovery and challenge. I know this year has been a struggle and I promise you it’s all going to feel better really soon.

Look at the 3 beautiful girls you raised, and bask in the feeling! It’s glorious. Step back from the microscope and enjoy the larger picture. There are flaws but they are crazy/beautiful flaws that only contribute to the beauty of our life. We are so lucky. We are so lucky to have you as our mother. When I think of you right now I see all of us and Stormy on Doran beach, hair soaking wet and salty from the ocean, noses runny, with huge grins on our faces. We’re listening to Morcheeba, eating sandwiches on sliced sourdough in our dry, warm clothes. And I’m 10 years old thinking how cool my surfer mom is. Ah! Heaven, absolute heaven.

I love you so much, Mom.




2 thoughts on “Heaven is Coldplay, Salt Water and Peter Pan

  1. laura says:

    I am so sorry about Samson. That is why I
    would stay up all night looking for PiPsqueek.
    I loved your warm memories and words,thank you
    for the Mothers Day gift of love.

  2. LoLo says:

    you need to come here more often. seriously. it completes my life.

    and that note to your mom is amazing urk. really really beautiful. cherish her!

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