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Ma Baby’s BACK

Leah, one of my best friends in the whole wide world, highlighted a point I hadn’t considered:

“…you are so passionate and personal and committed to all of the relationships you make in your life. and an animal or a pet doesnt reciprocate that. sure they give you love, and they cuddle, but erika, youre so much deeper than that. its a one sided bond between a human and an animal. youve never been one to buy into relationships that are sugary sweet on the surface and nothing more. you strive for a deeper connection. i think that is why you neglected a little bunny who was soft and cute. nothing more.
i think you will make an incredible mother because you will get to communicate on such a deeper level. you get to put yourself and everything you know into raising your children!
I know you are going to be the BEST mama. ”

It’s so awesome when someone says something that genuinely cheers you up. None of the fake, “Oh gee thanks you’ve not made me feel the slightest bit consoled.” None a that. Thank you Leah, darling.

Today I went on a run to clear my head… I waved to the neighbor boys as i took off, struggling with my iPod headphones (damn things never stay in my ears.) I ran up the ridge behind my house and then did 6 long, fast hill repeats. When I ran back to my place, panting and pink on the face, the boys said they had a surprise for me. (“The boys” are, alphabetically: Adam, Britien, Chad & Zach.) Britien’s face looked so excited as i followed him into the house, up the stairs at which point I stopped. I thought I knew what it was, but I tried not to think what I was thinkin’ since if I thought it, and it wasn’t true (how could it be true??) I would feel really let down. I just stood there as he and Adam pulled back the curtains to reveal my bunny. Sampson, alive.

How could it be??! I don’t understand… there is no explaination for this. He survived a week without food or water after either jumping off a balcony (which I don’t think happened) or after escaping the mighty talons of a screech owl or a hawk. I don’t know. It’s a miracle, this bunny is a miracle so I have to keep it and love it with all of my might.

After the boys pulled back the curtain, honestly, a million different things were racing through my mind and I sort of got teary eyed and had to take a minute. I raced to pick up my paycheck and get to Petco so that I could give my bunny a warm bed before dark. He’s resting right now. He seems pretty traumatized, but so happy in his new purple cage. And that water bottle! I never knew how much bunny’s actually loved those little water bottles. Petco even added a turtle to float on the inside of the bottle for aesthetic value. I bought him some treats and a kilo of saw dust and I’m going to make sure he’s completely and totally healthy and clean and organic and loved.

Britien, I’m sorry you sustained a scratch while rescuing Sampson. And I’m sorry I cleaned up the bunny poo and put it in your ash tray… it’s just, you guys were joking about cooking him for dinner and since you can’t do that I thought I’d give you a lil’ somethin’ to remember him by. A million times, thank you for rescuing my bunny.

So. Anyway, I’m the happiest girl in the world. That monkey is gone, and my baby is back : )


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