love, Nineteen, Wine


Today was a fabulously full day of many accomplishments.

First of all, it was my second to last day of school before FINALS! Ahhhh… finally the finale.

Also, it was 97 degrees today and I managed to take my little bra off from underneath my top while reading the newspaper at school, since it wasn’t quite necessary and was only making me hot.

Then I went and worked out at an all womens gym, and now youre thinking “WOW Erika’s gone craazy next she’s going to burn her bra’s and fight the federal government!” But no.

I really enjoyed the womens club, quite honestly. Not overly hormonal, muscle men to hit on me, and i can just run my little heart out in peace.

Then I had my first day at Moondoggie’s, it was AWESOME. LOVE IT. Working full time is’nt going to be so bad…

My bunny licked me for a good 30 seconds today, and he ate a frozen strawberry. And Chad and Britien are passed out on my floor while McKenna and I watch Sex and the City and I LOVE MY ROOMMATE, we’re having a sleep over tomorrow. Complete with wine and pedicures. And sugar. And giggles and pillow fights. Tee Hee 🙂


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