BAby! Baby baybay, BABYBAY…

Oooooo I’m happy :))  One of my very favorite things in the whole entire world:  a day with the Baldry family!  RIght now we’re listening to Joss Stone, I’m typing this in the kitchen as Tina and Bryanne cook a fabulous dinner.  Rashell just left for the city, but we all had breakfast this morning and went grocery  shopping and all that jazzy jazz.  Their new house is stunning, like a dream come true and I love spending as much time here as possible!  It makes me feel like I’m on vacation.


Tomorrow is Flight of the Conchords!!  Soooo excited.  Then Thursday Ashley gets in around 4!  SO STOKED.  And you know what else after that?  The midnight showing of Sex and The City with my girls.  We’re chartering a limo for an hour to drop us off downtown SF!

I like how I always seem to talk about the future in my blog posts, when most of the blogs that I read talk about the past…. I don’t know,  I don’t really like that style very much.  Infact, I prefer not to discuss such objective things like the past and the future, like “today this happened,” or “tomorrow this is happening,”  it’s so monotonous!  And uninteresting to most people… I like writing about bigger things, heavier things.  But then, you can’t have that all the time either.


One thought on “BAby! Baby baybay, BABYBAY…

  1. Generally, when I write about things that I hope will happen, they don’t happen. Just how it goes. My delusions of grandeur frequently overlap with my expectations, and since reality is still in effect, I end up disappointed. That’s just me, though.

    The Baldrys’ (Baldries’?) house is seriously a Columbian drug lord house, and I mean that in the best way possible. Such a kickass fortress. Definitely the coolest house I’ve ever been in.

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