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So Hot He’s Like A Curry.

Last night was incredible. I’m still in the “pinch-me” phase of the event… I cannot believe that I saw Bret and Jermaine live, up close, in person. In San Francisco. In the living, breathing, laughing, singing, beautiful sexy hotness that is Flight of the Conchords. You should have seen me before the show, I was embarrassing all of my friends and hooting and hollering a skipping and jumping– we got from Rashell’s house in the Excelsior district to our seats in a half an hour. That’s how excited I was. And when FoTC came on stage, my eyes welled up and a gleam of sweat appeared on my arms and chest and on the back of my neck and a huge grin came across my face and I sort of nearly hyperventilated for a second. That went away eventually but the grin never left my face. Not at any point was I not smiling.

GOD they’re sexy. Oh my god he’s so hot… he’s like a curry… if I tell him how hot he is he’ll think I’m being sexist… he’s so hot he’s making me sexist… asshole! No but really, I shouldn’t even continue about how crazy I am about Bret and Jermaine or people will seriously question my sanity. Let me just say, I’d have either of their children.

My battery is going to die in a second, but here is a movie and some pictures for your viewing pleasure. These are from a party in San Francisco with my friiiends, while my bunny slept in the car with plenty of air and water and berry nibblers and don’t worry I know it sounds terrible but it was only for a few hours and he told me he really enjoyed his stay in the beautiful city of San Francisco so his bunny vacation was constructive.

Molly and Erika

Me and My Girlfriends, Random Guy


Bret and Jermaine

I kind of went crazy on the videos I just can’t get enough of these guys… I love them more than I love Barack Obama and Carrie Bradshaw, combined. Each video is fabulous, you should watch them. But if you don’t that’s okay too. I guess…. we just won’t be friends any more is all.


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