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Tennis Ball In My Teacup

Play this song before you read my blog post. It’s pure magic.

Coldplay Viva la Vida

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls: I am going to see Coldplay.

I am going to see Coldplay
I’m going to see John Mayer.

And then I’m going to die the happiest girl in the world. OHHHHH MY GOD, I just, I just, have no words for my excitement. The thought of missing either of the two in concert makes me feel heavy and sad and depressed, it makes me feel broken hearted. And so, it must be done. I must imerse myself in their music.

My mind has been toying back and forth with my summer plans….I’ve almost posted my plan a half dozen times, but have stopped myself due to my uncertainty. Alas! I have the plan.

Unfortunately, Boston is out of the picture. We all know why: a sandwich is just as much as a gallon of gas. And I have this new theory working about how a sandwich is human fuel, and maybe it can fuel us just as far of a distance on a bike as a gallon of gas could a car. Depends on the car I guess… depends on the person.

So anyway, no east coast for me this summer. I’m sad, but I had to be practical. A week of vacation means no work hours, no paycheck, in the middle of summer school, costing about $700 dollars, not including opportunity cost. It just wouldn’t be smart, you feel me?

So instead, my summer fun is going to be 2 major concerts here in beautiful Calif. My justification for them is the opportunity cost, and the fact that I’m not paying for an airplane ticket to Boston. Basically, 2 nights off for 2 concerts in California versus 7 nights off for 1 concert in Boston. Am I making sense?

I love this website:

Check it out, seriously kicks booty.

And if you’re ever feeling blue: This website will make your heart melt.

Thank’s for that, Max.

Last night I had a dream where every single time I tried to pour tea in my teacup, a tennis ball was in the bottom, which frustrated me to no end. Furthermore, I was never able to take it out! WHAT DOES THIS MEAN?



One thought on “Tennis Ball In My Teacup

  1. ashley says:

    but nevermind that john mayer would have been in boston WITH your twin sister… your logic makes sense, but the lack of emotion in your decision makes me a little sad.

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