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Rolling Stone Rolled Right Over My Heart


The cover and contents of Rolling Stone Magazine this month are like… they’re just… it’s like love, or lust or something.  It makes my heart pound and feel all full of happiness.  I’m giddy and smitten over Rolling Stone.

First of all, the cover has pictured: Kirk Hammett, Carlos Santana, Buddy Guy, Eddie Van Halen, Jimmy Page, B.B. King, Omar Rodriguez Lopez and (last and never, ever least) John Mayer.  John Mayer, looking like the sexiest, most perfect man to ever walk the earth.  He’s got this amazing head of dark brown hair, this little smirk on his pretty lips, and he’s wearing his new irezumi tattoo sleeve, a white v-neck and nike air force ones.  Side Note: I’ve seen B.B King and Santana in concert, and now I’m about to see John Mayer, I feel so spoiled-bratty-like.

That said, I’ve had to make a decision not to see Coldplay.  It breaks my heart…. really, it feels like I’ve taken a punch to the gut or something… it hurts. But I can’t do everything.  And I’ve already seen them in concert… BUT THE NEW ALBUM IS SO FREAKING AMAZING IT LEAKED ON THE INTERNET AND I FOUND IT AND OHHHHHHHHHHHH….. but no… I’ll survive without seeing them on tour this year.  I will survive, even if I don’t feel like I will 😦  So since I can’t go see them, Eva and I are going to make a HUGE deal out of the release of their new album, like wait in line for Boo Boo Records to open and then blast it as loud as we can with our eyes closed to pretend like we’re seeing Chris Martin in the living room.

I move in to my new loft soon, it’s so adorable and it will be nice to have my little cubby of a space to call my own.  I will miss my roommates a lot.  I just love them so much, and can you imagine… I found them on  Lucky, lucky girl I am.

Back to Rolling Stone:  Statesboro Blues by The Allman Bros. is number 9 greater guitar song of all time.  No. 1 is Johnny B. Goode, Purple Haze no. 2, Crossroads by Cream no. 3.

“Once, on T.V. I saw John Lennon say he wished he could play like me.  I almost fell out of my chair.”
–B.B. King

Killing in the Name by Rage is no. 24 (Tom Morello is a god,) Seven Nation Army is no. 21, and London Calling is no. 48.

John Mayer said,

“[The blues] are so fundamental in me that I have to imagine that it was just born into me.  You either want to hear those notes bend or you don’t.”

“With guitar, you get out what you put in, and it’s the ultimate shield for other people trying to fuckin’ take away your heart and soul.  It’s a completely exposed craft.  There is no facade.”

I mean, I really adore that man.  He’s the absolute most impeccable, indefectable, immaculate, consummate character that I’ve ever imagined.

john mayer


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