The Fall

Everyday when I get off work, I pretend that I just woke up and that I have a bright, new day ahead of me.  So I walked out of Moondoggies and took a deep breath and walked up the street to paint some pottery.  As I was leaving I noticed a line in front of The Palm, a quirky indie movie theater.  So I stood in line and asked the man in front of me what movie he was standing in line for.  The next thing I knew I found myself submerged in the most amazing film I’ve seen all year.  I even put it in front of all the other movies on my Myspace favorites, as if that is the most passionate declaration of love…  but honestly.

The Fall is an imaginative tale of two characters who meet at a hospital in Los Angeles.  Little Alexandria, played by Catinca Untaru, brings innocence and light to an otherwise dark film… her character was flawlessly and utterly charming;  Untaru sparkles with a curiosity and honesty that will capture your heart.  After Alexandria finds Roy Walker, broken hearted and bed-ridden, the movie comes to life with vivid photography and masterful cinematography.  He tells her an “epic” tale of bandits and swimming elephants and Charles Darwin. The central theme of the film is, quite obviously, falling–the fall from grace and what happens thereafter.  The story was beautifully tragic, appropriately sarcastic, provocative and velvety-dark.  Here is the trailer, I highly reccommend you indulge in this awesome film :  )

I know I haven’t written in a long while, but my computer isn’t currently working.  This is not so good since I being 2 online classes tomorrow, and I don’t have a car to use the Cuesta computers, and today my rear bike tire got a flat… and strangely enough, my cell phone has been on and off recently and I feel as though many important things in my life are falling apart, all the while I’m doing just fine.  I’ve been working 7 days a week, I’m moving out of my apartment, and really just feel like I’m a young adult now!  I quite love it.

But I’m not going to kiss any boys for a while.

The End.


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