Music, Nineteen

These Sounds Make Me Want To Be Naked

Inspiration FOUND. Of course, found it in John Mayer.

I’m going to type for a minute non-stop, and I’m not going to edit this until the end because I just need to write. 

Pardon while i go off on a slightly sexual tangent about the slow blues…

Listening to John Mayer is like sex! His new live album Where The Light Is, I swear to you…. it almost makes me moan out loud as i sit here on my couch at 1 am.  It’s the most beautiful thing I’ve heard or felt in a long time… this song makes me hold my breath and I’m tingling all over and….  I know I don’t usually ever confess any of my love affairs on my blog, few tales of my romance, but I’m admitting this right now, as if you couldn’t already tell:

I’m having a passionate love affair is with these John Mayer blues.

I know, I know, I know! I sound so intense about this, but those closest to me know my passionate obsession for those things that i’m passionate about.  The blues were my first real love, beginning with the Allman Brothers, then Eric Clapton, then Muddy Waters and the list flies off the handle from there.  I remember when I went to camp for a week one summer in high school, I didn’t miss anyone or anything except for my blues music.  I yearned for Eric Clapton, not kidding you!  Where was my iPod? I don’t know… it must have died or something.

My musical taste has grown an evolved and John Mayer is where it lands.  Forever..

Now my heart and my mind are racing and I need to go to bed. I won’t be able to go to bed.  I can’t sleep.  

I’m going to give John Mayer a gift certificate for the sandwich shop I work at and see if he comes in because I’ve never fainted before and I know that I would if he walked in the door! Except for now that I say that, i’d have to practice working on breathing in times of cataclysmic rapture… I would need to think of something to say before hand, my one liner.

If I could say one thing to John Mayer, what would I say?  What COULD i say?

Something like:

John, your music resonates so profoundly with me that I should claim it as my religion. In the least fanatical, most sincere sort of way, your guitar has elevated my capacity for love.


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