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Unplugging, Not For Long Enough.

I just arrived at my Grandma’s house in Trinidad, California a few hours ago from cross country camp. Camp was right on the Eel River, off the Avenue of the Giants in Burlington Campground. I’m so glad I went! Even for the short time that I did. It was awesome to see the team and the coaches again and there’s something about the cool, quiet of the Redwoods that is so relaxing. It’s definitely a place in the world that I hold among the dearest in my heart… and yes, that’s one of the corniest things that I’ve ever written.

Yesterday we hiked 7 miles to the top of Grasshopper Peak…

The treat at the top!

The treat at the top!

…a vigorous, optimistic day full of good people and good food and lots of sweat and dirt. Needless to say, a hot shower felt unimaginably amazing. So did a steaming hot plate of pasta, a few s’mores and cozy game of sardines under the stars.

My Grandma’s house is so relaxing and cozy that it’s 2:15 in the afternoon and I’m about to take a shower and read a book in The Beachcomber Cafe, or possibly walk down to the beach and stroll the pier… Or maybe I’ll just curl up and watch a movie in the hammock. Decisions.

She’s so accommodating and has offered her camper as my little retreat, and I plan on taking her up on this as often as possible.

I’m staying until Saturday morning and then I guess I’ll begin my descent south into the real world, but I don’t wanna talk about that. This is me purposefully signing out for a few days, turning off my cell phone, and escaping. Goodbye.


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