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“Who the fuck is Sara Palin?”

“What?  SHE is?  What the, the sexy librarian!??…Lets see, she’s certainly got experience, governer of Alaska for, uhhh, 20 months…. you know, a lot of people are saying Palin is being used as a cheap, political ploy.  That is such petty cynicism.  This is historic!  For the first time in America, a woman has reached new levels for being used as a cheap political ploy.”

Watch the rest of this most recent Colbert Report episode, the funniest in a while.


An Alaskan perspective of Sara Palin.


Her Official Biography.


What the SF Chronicle has to say.


This is such a silly political decision, I can’t even believe it!!  You don’t have to take my word for it, but McCain just shot himself in the foot.  I’m nervous for the GOP convention, but I see my reasons for feeling that way dwindling…  In no way will this Palin thing fly.  Thanks for the office, McCain!

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Tonight Senator, Job Well Done.

Click here, it’s the coolest statistical presidential polling website.

Watch Barack Obama’s speech tonight, beginning at about 6 p.m. ET.

It’s so exciting, a moment in history.

In the mean time……..


JOHN MCCAIN: Senator Obama, this is truly a good day for America.

Too often the achievements of our opponents go unnoticed. So I wanted to stop and say, congratulations.

How perfect that your nomination would come on this historic day. Tomorrow, we’ll be back at it. But tonight Senator, job well done.

I’m John McCain and I approved this message.


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Infant Sorrow and “Little Gidding”

…. These 2 things are really not, at first glance, in the least bit connected. But maybe both call for a return to nature…

Infant Sorrow — We’ve Got-a Dew Somefing.


And at the end of all out exploring
Will be to arrive where we started
And to know the place for the first time.
Through the unknown, remembered gate
When the last of earth left to discover
Is that which was the beginning;
At the source of the longest river
The voice of the hidden waterfall
And the children in the apple tree
Not known, because not looked for
But heard, half heard, in the stillness
Between two waves of the sea.

T.S. Eliot



SO! I decided that I probably think about politics for at least one combined hour, every single day.  What are the health effects of this?  Am I going to sprout grey sooner than I should?  Will worry lines begin to appear?  The same night I referred to in my last blog post, reminding my readers that I had to be careful since I don’t drink very often anymore… I blacked out drunk, got sick, and (apparently) in the midst of my largely attractive debacle, was announcing and inquiring the “political dispositions” of my fellow birthday party-goers.  I have spent so much time out of my life: worrying, reading, researching, discussing, thinking about politics since George W. Bush was elected, that not only have phrases such as “Fuck Bush” been long-since filed under CLICHE in my opinion, but I think I will probably have a very serious melt down if the Obama campaign doesn’t fly in November.  A VERY SERIOUS MELT DOWN…  I’m sure my family is slightly concerned.

And you know what Obama?  I have a bone to pick with you.  I never got a text message announcing your VP like you said you would.  This was very upsetting.


I like her custard-yellow skirt-suit.

I like her custard-yellow skirt-suit.

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Bitch Republicans Use Fact Repellent.

I don’t tolerate elitist, uninformed, narrow-minded, fact-repellent-wearing republicans.  I shoot them, point-blank, repeatedly in the chest using my fact-sponge of a brain that pumps 68 caliber words, splattering orange-red paint across their shoulders and chest.  They lower their chin and watch the paint collide with their body as this humiliating event renders them victim to my blatant message… and when they lift their heads after I’m through, the void in which their chin once hung creates an indentation, transforming the paint across their chests into a shape curiously similar to that of a heart.  Oh, the irony…


First of all, I need to go to the doctor, and everyone needs to bug me until I get to the doctor. I’ve been procrastinating it for over a year and I still have a very irregular, almost non-existent period and it’s just not normal or healthy. I need to get to the doctor on my own. I understand that for me, taking care of myself in certain ways like this will mark my maturity.  So i’m going to do it…  but just incase I don’t… make sure that I do within the next month. OK–so that clears that.

On a similar note, I found this word and I like it: 


Enough about that.


I’m going to San Francisco tomorrow evening for my girls’ B-day partaaaay!  CAN’T WAIT!  I have to be careful, my alcohol tolerance is dangerously low lately.  Which cannot result in/have anything even remotely to do with the word con·cu·pis·cent, tomorrow night or ever.


Ps–I love McKenna!

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Pop Music Baybeee!



Last night running to try to get out the door with Eva to go to the Moondoggies end-of-summer/Keska’s going away party (Keska is the one that gave me Asher.  She has a twin sister named Piper and they rock.  Twins are rad.)  I ran up my stairs and kicked the inner stair SO hard that my toe nail basically came off.  Eva just saw me being crazy and she started laughing because I was acting so spastic, but I ran outside and I was saying “oh my god, I’m not okay, I’m not okay! I’m not okay!”  So Eve and Amy helped me patch myself up and I ended up going to the party with a big, silly wrapped-up toe.  I also ended up drinking a lot of beer and having a ton of fun, and calling McKenna to tell her that my toe nail said “bye bye, peace out, I don’t want to spend time with you anymore…” I got the hic-ups really badly, and wow. I’m just so silly when I’m drunk…!

School is going to be tough this semester, tough but good and I’m really happy.  I’m really happy!  I can’t remember being so happy.  Life is fantastic. Yumm.

Life is an amazing bed, a delicious sandwich, yoga and sunshine.

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The Balance of Darkness and Light


I dreamt about pealing thunder this morning, and then woke up to the sounds of distant grumbling booms quaking the dimly lit dawn.  The air was golden in the north east, and the panorama darkened in the southeast as if someone thew a blanket over the sky.  I made myself iced tea and noticed the parallelism as the grey and gold converged, perpendicular above my patio.  The ice cubes cracked and shifted in distress as I plunked them into the hot breakfast tea.  It was the 15th of august, a mild summer– humid the day before (although 2 girls I met from Southern Florida shook their head at my remark).  The rain came down in tablespoon-sized droplets as I watched water pooling in the gutter burst a dam of leaves and dirt and rush its way down the street, destroying what other obstacles lay in its path.  The air took on the distinct, fresh scent signature of summer rain on warm pavement. I opened the doors and windows of my house and curled up in a chair on the porch with my tea to enjoy the collision reverberating above me.



Watch the video I found of the storm this morning.