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Swing Vote? I’ll Swing A Fist Into Your Gut.

I had a wonderfully strange day… it began at my Grandma’s this morning, spent a very nice breakfast discussing astrology and life, strolled the local farmers market and left by 12 to drive back to Sonoma.  I made a few silly stops, one for gas in a town that made me feel like I wasn’t “in Kansas anymore…”  The funny part is that it made me feel like I was, in fact, in Kansas.  Or somewhere very much south of California conduct.

I also stopped in a town that made me feel as if i were in the 1960’s…  I got a contact high just being there, and I chatted with 5 of the best looking firemen I’ve ever seen (they were the cleanest things in town.)

The drive was fun and pleasant, and I landed in Santa Rosa to see a friend.  We got our nails done in this Vietnamese nail salon and maybe it was the contact high I still had, but it was such a cliche nail salon (“you have boyfriend?  No? no boyfriend?  Oh you should have boyfriend, you pretty girl…”) I could barely keep from laughing.  Must say, my manicure is fabulous though.  I just always have to laugh when certain stereotypes prove themselves true.

Then I went and saw Swing Vote by myself, because I wanted to.  I also walked out because I wanted to.  

If this movie inspires all the stereotypes, ([whomever they may be, and who may be much more distinctly described bum citizens who fail to complete the highest act of patriotism…] you know the kind that drink a Bud and watch Nascar and could give a shit about votin’…) to go out and vote? Great movie then, goddammit  GET ‘ER DUN!  

I just don’t want to have to sit through that bull crap while they tip-toe the long way around telling the so-called “patriots,” who fly the flag and BBQ hotdogs on July 4th but don’t know the name of their representative or the way the three branches of government work any better than they know how to use a library directory or a stick of deodorant to get the fuck off their lazy asses and pick up a newspaper and INFORM THEMSELVES.  Be informed, and vote.  Or more simply: just VOTE.  And while you’re at it, go pick up a copy of Planet Earth and watch that, too.  The fucking free world is not, infact, resting on the shoulders of a stubborn, repetitive Kevin-Costner-gone-Larry-the-Cable-Guy.  There are plants in the rain forest that contribute more to the free world than “Bud”. Bud is the stereotype.  I named him.  Kevin Costner played “Bud” in Swing Vote.

What do those plants in the rainforest contribute? It’s called OXYGEN.  Quit being a waist of oxygen you brainless, non-voting, overly-opinionated, under-educated, self-righteous, good-for-nothing, stubborn, narrow minded jackass, jacking off to Carrie Underwood…  stick your toe on the trigger of your shotgun, and how’s about THAT for ” get ‘er dunnn” ?  

Wow,  that was a heaping, controversial mouthful.  I had more to say about today, but I’ll pack that up for tomorrow…

G’night y’all.


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