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How Can I Achieve My Full Potential?

Take a moment, you know you want to stare:

These men are stunning examples of a full potential reached, and maybe that’s why I feel like I could stare at this picture for an extended period of time without ever once getting bored or uninspired.


I want to get into yoga, that’s my new thing.  Yoga is going to be my “thing”.  I hope I can make it last, I don’t want to grow tired of yoga.  I need more solidity in the things that I do, my hobbies, the way that I live.

I’ve been focusing lately on choices that will keep me healthy and happy in the long term.  For instance, drinking more moderately, beginning a preventative, anti-aging skin care regimen, taking care to eat a low-fat diet full of lean protein and fresh produce,  drinking green-tea, and I believe yoga will be a great way to keep me strong, healthy and happy.


School starts in a week and I’ve set myself up for success this semester.  I have a supportive family, a wonderful place to live, an amazing bed (thank you mom), the best friends I could ask for, a garden, a job 1 block from my house, a ride to school… I need to stay focused and I know that because of the environment I’ve created for myself in San Luis, I will be able to do this.  I couldn’t pull it off first semester, I was scattered, unsettled, distracted with boys.  I’m not allowing myself that option this year, sorry boys.  I’m closed minded to the option.  Closed to the idea of the option..

I need to overcome my fear of failure and go all out for school.  I don’t believe I will fail, if I think logically… but I can be really hard on myself if I don’t perform to the highest ability that I know I could.  It feels easier for me to accept a poor grade I know I didn’t try hard for than to accept a decent grade I worked really hard for.  The thing is, when I work hard I don’t get decent grades I get awesome grades. I just need to persevere and focus on reaching my full potential, like mister sexy Phelps up there.  He can focus, and he can get big plans accomplished.

If he came as part of a package deal for my hard work, that would be some great insentive too…

Also: REVEALED: traveling turns me on.  That’s how I function. Recent epiphany, thought I’d share.


2 thoughts on “How Can I Achieve My Full Potential?

  1. gord says:

    Hey, you’re the greatest, Erica. We read your blogs, we love every one, and are amazed at the changes and the diversity of thought. Keep it up! Love you! Joanie and Gordie

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