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Pop Music Baybeee!



Last night running to try to get out the door with Eva to go to the Moondoggies end-of-summer/Keska’s going away party (Keska is the one that gave me Asher.  She has a twin sister named Piper and they rock.  Twins are rad.)  I ran up my stairs and kicked the inner stair SO hard that my toe nail basically came off.  Eva just saw me being crazy and she started laughing because I was acting so spastic, but I ran outside and I was saying “oh my god, I’m not okay, I’m not okay! I’m not okay!”  So Eve and Amy helped me patch myself up and I ended up going to the party with a big, silly wrapped-up toe.  I also ended up drinking a lot of beer and having a ton of fun, and calling McKenna to tell her that my toe nail said “bye bye, peace out, I don’t want to spend time with you anymore…” I got the hic-ups really badly, and wow. I’m just so silly when I’m drunk…!

School is going to be tough this semester, tough but good and I’m really happy.  I’m really happy!  I can’t remember being so happy.  Life is fantastic. Yumm.

Life is an amazing bed, a delicious sandwich, yoga and sunshine.


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