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As You Get Older, History Matters

Who watched the Liddell v. Evans fight last night?  Chuck Liddell lives in San Luis Obispo and we all got some beers to watch our boy win… the fight was over pretty quick.  Poor guy, here’s the KO clip:

Apparently Chuck likes young girls… I also heard he drives a yellow Lamborghini and frequents Firestone Grill.

Today I woke up in a really cozy bed and had a great morning.  I accidentally spent $1.50 for yesterdays paper…. so lame!  I was bummed, but here’s two things that made my day: 

1.  While stopped at a light driving to breakfast today I looked to the van next to me, which had a poorly homemade local mayor campaign poster taped to the window.  There was a picture of a dorky looking man wearing a blue checked shirt.  I giggle to myself and then looked to see the driver of the van, when all I could see was the sleeve of the VERY SAME BLUE CHECKED SHIRT RESTING ON THE WINDOW SILL OF THE CAR.  Yes, it was the dorky man, driving a dorky van, wearing what is clearly his very favorite shirt.  I laughed for a long time.

2.  I got this random e-mail today, hope Gerry doesn’t mind if I share.  It’s so kind:

“Hi Fresh,
 My daughter is 15. Respect from a 51 yr old male in London, UK.  My gut feeling is that you are on the right track life wises…
Hey, I had my day.. Stowedaway on a ship to Japan back in 78. As you get older history matters…
have a good life


You have a good life too, Gerry.  Thanks for that.



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