Ginger Tea, With A Side Of Gingersnaps

How snip snappy is that? How peachy keen?

I have an appointment with a feminine doctor on the 18th, an “OBGYN” who’s office, hilariously enough, is on Peach Street.


I feel lonely right now. Make no mistake, I am not asking you to be the goody bag at my pity party, nor am I pulling out the violins.  But everyone is allowed to feel lonely sometimes, and that’s how I’m feeling right now.  Or lately, I guess…  There are so many different kinds of loneliness. I’m familiar with a few, such as the “I’m lost by myself in a foreign country” type, the “my twin sister now lives 3,000 miles away” type, and I’ll even be bold enough to admit the “it’s been a long time since…..” well, you fill in the blank.

I have 6 main friends in SLO, including myself 😉  3 are blond, 3 have short brown hair.  The first 3 have boyfriends, and are with them right now. (Is it because they’ve got pretty blond hair?  Who knows!)(Am I writing this because I’m lonely while my friends are with their boyfriends? Yes. Probably.)  The other 3 are working, or… writing a blog post.  

I don’t want a boyfriend though… A conventional relationship doesn’t interest me right now. But someone that challenges me, someone who’s creative, dynamic, spontaneous, independent, and that wants to have fun would appear, I’d be highly susceptible to their charm.

Have I ever been in love?  I think I’ve been in lust, because I imagine that love is supposed to be mutual. In retrospect, judging by the way that person treated me, they never loved me. I wish I would be able to know if that person ever loved me. Is that a waist of my thought space?  It would clear so much in my mind to know the answer, because then I would know what I was looking to feel next time I think I’ve found love.  Well in any case, if that was love, I hope it improves.  Hell, I just hope it comes around again.


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