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Articulation and Seduction

To the women who have so beautifully articulated their disdain for Sarah Palin:  you are AMAZING.  I feel restored and re-inspired by you!  Your writings are eloquent and bold; much like you, yourselves.  Some might argue that Sarah Palin has those same characteristics, but there’s a difference.  We stand eloquently and boldly in the way of that woman… a woman who rallies opposite our inherent feminist morals and values, against our rights and our safety as a nation!  (If you didn’t catch her interview with Charlie Gibson yesterday, make sure to see it.)

Her response about national security scares me, and her attempts to deflect questions using misleading, off-point, verbose language are EXACTLY “politics as usual.”  I see no change for the better, I see it for the worse.  She looks scared sitting there in front of Charlie Gibson, and she should be.  She has no idea what she’s talking about, and I hope that she realizes that “God’s plan” for America shouldn’t include her or John McCain.  Listen to McCain’s voice mail to Sarah (wink)

On a separate note, I saw the new Woody Allen movie today (love Woody Allen) and I thought it was great.  Like in Match Point, Vicky Christina Barcelona leaves you feeling unsettled and slightly horny…  definitely stirred the traveler inside of me, which isn’t very good.  I’m hoping the feeling goes away, actually.  (Now is the time I need to settle and study!)  It’s narrated in a post-modern storybook sort of way with all the twists and turns of any complex Woody Allen film. Anyway, for the guys I’m sure any movie in which Penelope Cruz and Scarlett Johansson kiss is one to see.  And for the girls, you probably won’t leave with the deus ex machina feeling, but you might take comfort in the theme illustrating how no one knows what they want from love, just what they don’t want.  You don’t have to know what you’re looking for!

Naming off adjectives that describe character traits won’t do it, it all in his demeanor and the context of your encounter. And the guys have gotta seduce us, and never stop seducing.  That’s a real man. (Read: Take me to Spain.)


3 thoughts on “Articulation and Seduction

  1. What is the big deal with Sarah Palin..Why so many negatives?? Could it be jealousy…She is strong and has stood up for her beliefs…carol stanley author of For Kids 59.99 & Over.

  2. It is admirable when ANYONE stands up for their beliefs, it is why I love this country so much (thank you 1st amendment!) but when someone with such extremist, radical beliefs as Sarah Palin wants to “reform” the government I feel deep concern. Barack Obama has strong ideals, but I have much more confidence in his ability to step away from a situation that might cater to his bias in order to make a fair judgement as to how it should be dealt with. When Sarah Palin’s beliefs negate rights and ideals that I feel the Constitution should blatantly uphold, I am compelled to dislike her with the firey passion of a thousand suns.

  3. Eva says:

    erika anderson. i just bought my plane ticket for Barcelona. i’m leaving exactly one month and one day from today! couldn’t help it!

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