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McCain versus Obama

I realize that day dreams of Utopian governments is an afternoon waisted, but there is method to my madness.  I promise.

I was in class today when an idea occurred to me.  This is a thought in progress, bare with me.

Could it be that while personal beliefs diversify American politics, they also cloud it?

Take this idea to both extremes (I’m going to say extreme Christians and extreme environmentalists.)  It seems that their ideologies convolute and obstruct proper/progressive decision making and governing because their zone of focus is too narrow.  Their minds are like microscopes; they only see what they want to see, way too closely.  Considerate, realistic ideas are absent because they don’t mind the Constitution or the principles of the founding fathers when making a decision.  They mind a separate set of values that don’t include the whole spectrum of diversity that is the United States of America.  While the Constitution still has ratifications and should be considered somewhat of a ‘work in progress’ (rightly so, or else we would still have slavery and other such abominable ideas…) it should be the only document or work in mind when making a regulatory decision.

Just as we conduct ourselves differently at work then we do at home (i.e.–it is generally disrespectful and annoying to speak of political opinion, religious belief or finances in a professional setting)  we must conduct our government in a similar way, with respect to logic, justice, and righteousness far removed from personal beliefs or influence from religion or doctrine.  Allow them all to exist, but in different settings.  There is a time and a place for everything.

That said, I realize that this is impossible.  Humans will be humans, and we are characterized as such by having personal bias, opinions, judgements etc.  But when I’m considering a Commander in Chief, I am looking for someone who can best pull their eye from the scope to look up and see the big picture of things;  the true shape and state of the world.  Who can make a clear, level-headed, unbias, respectable, informed, non-partisan decision?  You tell me!


One thought on “McCain versus Obama

  1. laura says:

    We must elect Obama because his world view is so much bigger than McCains. It comes from his worldly,multicultural upbringing. It gave him a perspective and understanding of differences. It is an asset to have a President that is not nearsighted in their views, and encompasses the diversity of this Nation, and the world. We don’t need bulldogs,or Mavericks to repair our country, we need to bring together the people who have lost or never had a sense of power and ownership in this country. We have to give people homes,medical care, food,protection. It has all been slipping away with this last President. A world view is essential in bringing this great nation together!

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