Amado Mio

This morning at work I “cored” bell peppers for about an hour, and after nearly every pepper I tossed into the colander, I wished for Obama to be elected.  It was surprisingly uplifting and meditative.

This weekend is Halloween, I’m going as the ghostbusters with my friends (complete with awesome silver backpacks with foil hoses) and also as a pilot pin-up girl the next evening… we’re all going as pin-up girls it should be very CUTE. (“…and they say ‘oh! how cute you are!’ “)

Lately, I love Beyonce’s new song “If I Were A Boy”, Pink Martini, and gas prices.


Thank you, global supply and demand, for the lowest gas prices anyone thought possible.


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“A diplomat is a man who always remembers a woman’s birthday but never remembers her age.” -Robert Frost

I LOVE being a woman. I take huge pride in my place in the world as a female, and also enormous pride in my fellow fabulous females.  (Yes, this is a post-modern feminist diatribe.) I believe that any man who does not understand that the world does not turn without PMS is sadly forgetting or lacking something.  

My menstrual cycle is what makes me feel like a woman, it is the reason I have breasts, and it is why I have a no-longer-denied, innate desire to nurture.  It also means that I am not pregnant, which is good at this point in my life.  I also love my period because it tells me “hey, you can have little babies if you want to.”  Someday… someday (read: not now) I want babies.  

For now, my friends and I (who are in our physiological prime to procreate) can gush over babies in strollers at Starbucks, and talk about eventual motherhood while walking past a display of itty-bitty baby Vans in a window of a children’s clothing store.  Any male who is grossed out by the idea of a females monthly cycle needs to grow up…  This is how I feel.  Guys don’t experience it, they don’t need to see it, but the reap all the benefits from this monthly phenomenon… how lucky for them! So guys? Do not fear it, appreciate it as it should be.


I do not generally demand or expect sensitivity from males during that time of the month or any other time, for that matter.  For the most part, expecting sensitivity will most always leave you feeling let down.  BUT.  But, there are times when sensitivity and support from a male counterpart is necessary and expected.  This is why:

I work very hard to understand the inner workings of the male mind.  Contrary to popular female belief, their minds are not simple and they are not impossible.  Their thought process is best defined as straight forward. In order to communicate with most “man’s man” types it is important to spell it out to them.  They cannot read your mind, and they won’t know what you expect or want or are upset about if you don’t inform them–with some exceptions.  Exceptions? Yes. 

These exceptions are hard-earned because I stick my neck out to communicate effectively with the opposite sex….  I am easy to understand, flexible, understanding, cool, fun, I aim to please, and I’m not a jealous person.  What I’m saying is that I strive to be these things to make living on this planet with these amazing men more enjoyable.  In return for my efforts I expect to be met halfway.    Am I asking too much for boys to learn some sensitivity? Some thoughtfulness and manners? Learn how to cuddle, how to surprise us, and learn what is important to us.  After you learn what is important to us (it is different for every girl) you can help yourself by supporting us in those things.  

What is important to me?  My family, my best friends, my health, my sense of strength and independence, my constitutional rights, and my femininity.

This is me spelling it out.  It’s as simple as it gets.  Learn to have compassion for me about these things, or I will lose interest.


Just A Quicky

This blog post is going to be quick and informative because I only have ten minutes before I have to leave for my astronomy class!

Two nights ago I was overcome by a vicious 24 hour flu that rendered me a helpless, suffering, waif-like figure on the floor of a bathroom.  I spent all yesterday recovering by drinking water and watching comedy.  Then I took a shower and pulled my sore body together to go out with my good friend McKenna to see Casablanca at the Fremont for the SLO Rewind. That experience made me feel like I was back in the 1940’s.

Today I slept in and did chores and then my friends took me to a doctors appointment to get a biopsy of some abnormal cells that they found last week.  It was slightly painful, but nothing bad and I have an appointment in 2 weeks to talk about the test results with Christine, the doctor.

I’m not scared, I just feel happy they found it and I’m a strong girl… I’m sure it’s nothing, but even if it were I would take it on like a champ.

I feel overwhelmed and behind and I wish I had someone to help me with laundry.


PS- I VOTED!!!!!

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Samba Para Ti, Baby.

I went home last weekend to see Carlos Santana with my dad and one of my best friends:



It was a very quick, entertaining visit but I decided to come home again this weekend on a whim because I could catch a ride back with my best friends.  It’d been a hard week, and I could feel myself struggling to cope; nothing sounded better than spending some time with my little sister.  It’s been great so far, I love my little sister so much I think I might smuggle her back to SLO with me.  She’s been giving my pops some grief lately anyway, I don’t think he’d really mind.

I went to a high school party last night to surprise Claire, and I seriously felt like I was 16.  The cops busted the party and everyone went running off into the vineyards (how Sonoma, right?)  No more high school parties for me, “that shit was weak.”  Or maybe I just felt awkward.

This is my favorite girly movie, just wanted to share:


Also… another thing: I really like someone!  I met him a couple months ago, started dating him about a month ago, and I really care about him.  He’s amazing, you’d love him.  I think he’s sticking around a while so I thought I’d just say something about him on here…  but actually, I posted a picture of he and I dancing the first night we met.  What can I say?  A little weird, but I must have had a good feeling.

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Tomorrows Bad Seeds Are Actually Really Good.

Check out this band, Tomorrows Bad Seeds.  I saw them a few weeks ago and I can’t stop playing them. I’m seeing them again at Cal Poly on October 30th.

They’ve got a really unique sound that some people compare to Pepper, but I’m not as much a fan of Pepper.  Tomorrows Bad Seeds mix hip-hop with reggae in some songs, punk with reggae in others (a seemingly offensive contradiction of genres, but I’m telling you–IT WORKS) and maintain a flair of ska in most of their songs.  What’s better?  They put on an AWESOME show.  As an opening band to Sean Kingston and Shwayze in Morro Bay last month, they far out-did the headliners.  Tell me what you think!

P.S.–the lead singer is really good looking.

Fall in SLO

Rest In Peace

Sampson died of a heat stroke today.  It took a long time for me to pull her out of her cage because I was scared to touch her, it was bizarre.  I know that death is natural but touching her didn’t feel natural or easy at all.  She’s in my kitchen surrounded in sunflowers in a box that has poppies on it and… now what?

I really do feel distraught, I feel guilty and sad and I hope I don’t have nightmares again, like last time.  

I have a midterm at 6:30 and I don’t feel like going!


On a better note, I met a boy who will drink wine and slow dance to John Mayer with me at midnight on my porch… 🙂

Also, I’m done with the presidential race.  I’ve been following it since the beginning of my senior year (September 2006) and I’m done, I’m sick of it.  And I want to go into the art business because art holds a mirror to culture, to the economy and to society.  Therefore, I would be indirectly immersing myself into politics and other such things I love, like good food, wine, compelling conversation and the immediacy of post-modern culture.

I will write again soon, my recent lack of writing is stopping today.



Thank you for what you taught me and for being the most charismatic, friendly bunny anyone has ever met.  I hope bunny Heaven has an abundance of celery and sunflowers.  I’m sorry.

Love, Erika