Fall in SLO

Rest In Peace

Sampson died of a heat stroke today.  It took a long time for me to pull her out of her cage because I was scared to touch her, it was bizarre.  I know that death is natural but touching her didn’t feel natural or easy at all.  She’s in my kitchen surrounded in sunflowers in a box that has poppies on it and… now what?

I really do feel distraught, I feel guilty and sad and I hope I don’t have nightmares again, like last time.  

I have a midterm at 6:30 and I don’t feel like going!


On a better note, I met a boy who will drink wine and slow dance to John Mayer with me at midnight on my porch… 🙂

Also, I’m done with the presidential race.  I’ve been following it since the beginning of my senior year (September 2006) and I’m done, I’m sick of it.  And I want to go into the art business because art holds a mirror to culture, to the economy and to society.  Therefore, I would be indirectly immersing myself into politics and other such things I love, like good food, wine, compelling conversation and the immediacy of post-modern culture.

I will write again soon, my recent lack of writing is stopping today.



Thank you for what you taught me and for being the most charismatic, friendly bunny anyone has ever met.  I hope bunny Heaven has an abundance of celery and sunflowers.  I’m sorry.

Love, Erika


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