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Samba Para Ti, Baby.

I went home last weekend to see Carlos Santana with my dad and one of my best friends:



It was a very quick, entertaining visit but I decided to come home again this weekend on a whim because I could catch a ride back with my best friends.  It’d been a hard week, and I could feel myself struggling to cope; nothing sounded better than spending some time with my little sister.  It’s been great so far, I love my little sister so much I think I might smuggle her back to SLO with me.  She’s been giving my pops some grief lately anyway, I don’t think he’d really mind.

I went to a high school party last night to surprise Claire, and I seriously felt like I was 16.  The cops busted the party and everyone went running off into the vineyards (how Sonoma, right?)  No more high school parties for me, “that shit was weak.”  Or maybe I just felt awkward.

This is my favorite girly movie, just wanted to share:


Also… another thing: I really like someone!  I met him a couple months ago, started dating him about a month ago, and I really care about him.  He’s amazing, you’d love him.  I think he’s sticking around a while so I thought I’d just say something about him on here…  but actually, I posted a picture of he and I dancing the first night we met.  What can I say?  A little weird, but I must have had a good feeling.


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