Just A Quicky

This blog post is going to be quick and informative because I only have ten minutes before I have to leave for my astronomy class!

Two nights ago I was overcome by a vicious 24 hour flu that rendered me a helpless, suffering, waif-like figure on the floor of a bathroom.  I spent all yesterday recovering by drinking water and watching comedy.  Then I took a shower and pulled my sore body together to go out with my good friend McKenna to see Casablanca at the Fremont for the SLO Rewind. That experience made me feel like I was back in the 1940’s.

Today I slept in and did chores and then my friends took me to a doctors appointment to get a biopsy of some abnormal cells that they found last week.  It was slightly painful, but nothing bad and I have an appointment in 2 weeks to talk about the test results with Christine, the doctor.

I’m not scared, I just feel happy they found it and I’m a strong girl… I’m sure it’s nothing, but even if it were I would take it on like a champ.

I feel overwhelmed and behind and I wish I had someone to help me with laundry.


PS- I VOTED!!!!!


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