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I Voted.

For me, tomorrow is the culmination of 6 years of frustration toward and interest in American politics, 2 years of careful reading and genuine interest in Election ‘O8, and 1 year since my “pilgrimage” to the Japanese fishing town of Obama (a milestone marking the beginning of my passionate campaigning for Barack Obama.)

SOOooooo…Today i made my pilgrimage! Thats right, I DID! And now youre wondering, ”How can a girl who isnt  religious made any sort of pilgrimage?” Well, if you know me, you know that i am close to religiously passionate about politics. And today, ladies and gents, I made the treck across the country to the opposite coast to the town of OBAMA. Beautiful, quaint fishing town with lush green hills, beautiful coastlines, and yummy sea food. They also specialize in luxury chopsticks, so i went ahead and bought Mr. and Mrs. Barack Obama their very own chopsticks from their very own Japanese fighing village. I fully intend on writing them a witty letter and sending them the chopsticks with some pictures enclosed as well.. It was a day to remember… and it was funny how everyone would react when i would express to them my desire for a train ticket with the destination Obama: a middle-of-no-where, nothing-to-do fishing town. ”why she want to go there?!”

I’ve poured so much into this election; inconceivable amounts of time, the money I could (or couldn’t) afford to spare… I made over 500 total calls for Obama or to remind people to vote. But the most important thing I’ve given has been what Barack Obama has asked for… above my time and money I’ve given him my HOPE.  I have poured all of my hope into this election–every morning I wake to a poster that says “HOPE”.  I don’t practice hope, or sort-of hope, I honestly, passionately HOPE SO MUCH that I truly, firmly BELIEVE.

The difficult thing for me to do is TRUST, but I’m trying really hard.  We have learned from the Bush administration not to trust… that we cannot trust our government, our polls, or our voters to make the best decision for our country and correspondingly, for the world.

Here I am… wearing my Obama gear, my “I Voted” sticker, sitting in front of the Obama poster in my room on the eve of what feels like one of the most important days of my life thus far.  

About 7% of voters are undecided… I wish I could scream “WHO ARE THESE VOTERS??!” but I may know a few of them.  Maybe they are torn between the beliefs they were brought up with, and what they feel America might truly need… or maybe they haven’t seen the light of day in 2 years and have no connection to pop culture in any way, shape, or form.  Today when I called one particular voter, her middle-aged daughter answered and said the woman I was looking for had died 2 months earlier… maybe people like that woman are counted as “undecided.”  (To clarify: they are undecided as to which candidate, not about whether they’re voting or not…? right?)

I’ve digressed. Anyway, I just ate my last chocolate chip, and it’s officially Tuesday, November 4th.  I feel more excited than I ever remember feeling on the eve of Christmas, or on the eve of a trip to Disneyland…. but the feeling is strikingly more mature and serious.  But this IS my Christmas, and it’s also my next trip to Disneyland… today means everything.  And I BELIEVE that my hope and efforts have not been in vain.  My glass is raised and waiting for champagne.


PS- More Halloween pictures will be posted on the 5th 🙂


Who ya gunna call?

Who ya gunna call?




Pin-Up Girls...

Pin-Up Girls...


I'm the CAPTAIN, no I will not bring you peanuts and a vodka tonic...

I'm the CAPTAIN... no, I will not bring you peanuts and a vodka tonic.


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