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Ravishing Roses and Unsettled Spirits

I’ve never liked President Bush so much as I do right now… he seems almost as excited as I am for him to leave the White House.  If you see he talking about it, he looks all giddy and smiley!  He and Obama just had their transition meeting. While watching clips on the news of a stroll they took, I couldn’t help but admire the roses surrounding the White House (They were almost as ravishing of a red as Michelle’s dress!)

In an exerpt of The Audacity of Hope, Obama explained the White House as being more drafty than one might expect.  I hope they double-pane those windows and seal up those cracks because it’d be super cool if the White House became the model “green” house… and I sure hate to think of those cute little girls feeling cold at night.


On a totally separate  note, I am the worst grocery shopper in the world.  I think it’s because I buy everything I wish that I’d feel like eating (such as veggie stir-fry and raw almonds)  I buy uuber healthy food that never sounds appealing and then I end up sitting at home wishing I had cereal besides Wheetabix to curl up with… I wish I had fresh strawberries to slice up, or homemade mac and cheese or something delicious such as those things.  I need to become a realistic grocery shopper.

I just go the sweetest text message in the whole world from my often quiet and very modest roommate, she said:

” ‘Unsettled spirit’ that’s the phrase my friend once used to describe me.  His meaning was that i needed to travel and experience the world and myself.  That is a feature I think we share.  I can’t wait to see where the future takes you.  Love you girl.  Thanks for being amazing.”

I find that so incredibly touching, I don’t know how to reply.

She’s right, I feel antsy lately and I’m looking at some other options for the future… not for a while because I just got a shot at an internship with the Children’s Art Museum in SLO and I like my life for now, but I foresee a need for change in the near future.  I’d like a faster pace, or another/more generous source of income, and a new environment to learn.  I’d also like to stop taking birth control, I hate it, I don’t feel like myself and it’s just very terrible.

I’ll try to write more often,  I hate the thought of boring my dad with my lack of recent posts.  What on earth will he do?? 

PS- Beyonce’s new CD is actually very good, and I’m stoked on Muse lately.  That’s all!



11 thoughts on “Ravishing Roses and Unsettled Spirits

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  2. anderson cooper says:

    Oh My goodness. Homemade Mac and Cheese is the best.
    I am realizing this is not the most private place to chat, but I have nothing to hide 🙂

    So I take it your Dad is reading this? Would this be the right place to ask him if it is ok that I chat with his sweet daughter in the comments of her blog? 🙂



    P.S. You never answered my initial question 🙂 Its ok though…

  3. I do have a boyfriend, it’s very new and I still feel really strange saying it… I was so used to and so content being single. But I’m not anymore…

    Nevertheless, I always desire compelling conversation, and your flattery is very compelling. I’m only human!

    So, I answered your question. Can I know something about you now?

  4. anderson cooper says:

    What would you like to know?

    I live in the same city as you(i think). I found one of your blog posts when I googled “Sarah Palin” and it came up because I typed in SLO too. I guess I wanted to see what the locals were saying.

    Congrats on the new relationship. He better treat you well 🙂 He better take you to nice dinners at least once a week and bring flowers just as much. expect nothing less!!! I think your Dad would agree too.

    This has all brought a smile to my face as I hope it has yours 🙂

    Are you really 19??? Im 29. I had no clue until just a second ago your age. You speak so well. Im not believing you are 19. You have to be older than that !!!

    Well I hope you have a beautiful day!!!! Big Smiles!!! Hopefully we can chat soon.


  5. As far as SLO and Sara Palin go, I was surprised at the large size of her central coast fan base! It was really awkward at lunch dates and dinner parties when someone I enjoy spending time with said, “Sara Palin gave a great speech…”

    Ummm… how I do respond to that? Very awkward.

    I am 19! I feel like I should be older, or at the very least able to legally purchase a good bottle of merlot or have a beer at DTB! My friends are older, as is my boyfriend so these obstacles are easy to overcome but it still can be frustrating.

    What’s your real name? What are you doing in SLO?

  6. anderson cooper says:

    Yea SLO is very republican, if you haven’t noticed. 🙂

    Yea, I was shocked when I realized you are only 19. You seem very mature for your age. That is a good thing. You will be 21 soon enough and you will be able to enjoy all the Merlot in the world 🙂 My real name is Anderson Cooper 🙂 Nope, Its Michael. I graduated from Cal poly, started my own consulting firm, bought a home kind of near the airport and enjoying life. I am single and looking for the perfect girl. Hopefully start a family someday and live in SLO forever 🙂 Hook me up with one of your hot friends 🙂 (sorry just being a guy) Well Im sorry for the comment spam. You just caught my attention one day and had to say hello. If you didnt have a boyfriend, I would ask you out for coffee 🙂 I dont know though, you probably wouldnt want to be seen with an old guy 🙂 Stay sweet, lets chat soon. Michael. P.S. does your BF read this?

  7. Michael, you have not troubled me with comment spam. I’m glad you enjoy San Luis as much as I do and I promise to stay sweet : )

    No, the BF doesn’t read my blog but I talk about it sometimes so I’m sure he’ll make his way here someday… My blog is so heartfelt and is such an intimate reflection of who I am sometimes it makes me nervous to think of people I know reading it because it feels so vulnerable, and subject to judgement. But that’s also the greatest thing about it.

    Keep all those smiley faces coming back once in a while, I’ve grown quite fond of them.

  8. anderson cooper says:

    Im always good for a smiley or two, or four 🙂 :-). There are plenty more to come.

    I think it is awesome that you keep a blog. I really wish I did the same. You will look back at it someday and be so glad you posted. Hopefully you will look back and see our little discussion here and smile and say, ” I remember that guy” 🙂

    I hope you are having a great weekend my friend!!!!


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