The going is tough, and I’m trying to be Grace Kelly but it’s hard!

When things feel difficult and overwhelming I get this insatiable urge to flee.  I’ve made choices such as going to Santa Rosa high school rather than my hometown high school after my parents divorce, or my senior year switching back to my hometown high school after a major heartbreak, and taking a 2 month backpacking trip through Japan alone after I graduated high school to cope with the enormous stress of my lack of a conventional direction…. but these are just the major events.  When I felt stressed at home I would jump in my car and drive as fast as possible to San Francisco, I’d get a chai on Chestnut Street, and I’d turn right around and drive back.

All of these things have made me feel better, I always return, but is running away the right thing to do?  There are some coping mechanisms or devices that are bad, that one should work to keep from doing.  I don’t think running away is bad, as long as I return quickly and deal.

Tonight I started to feel like I was on the verge of a melt down, so I jumped up, put my running shoes on and took off.  That’s the good type of running away, and now I feel clarity. And I can get myself on track. My problems are miniscule and I’m not alone in them.  So that’s that! 🙂


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