Shake That

I feel very restless, I gotta go gotta get gotta find something new…  I think there may be reasons I feel this way.  I think I may know the reasons, but cannot share them at this time.

Here are some pictures from my crrrrraaAzy weekend.  It was Eva, Molly, and myself from Fri. to Sun.  We were all in introverted, introspective, thoughtful moods but we still managed to shake the intensity and have a great time…


my beautiful friends

my beautiful friends



santa barbara

santa barbara


i'm not drunk, noope
i’m not drunk… nope



We got manicures this weekend, and not 2 minutes after entering the quiet salon did I proceed to accidentally let a bottle of nail polish slip from my fingers and land perfectly on the lip of a glass vase, shattering it.  AWKWARD. To say the very least.  Moreover, I didn’t have enough cash on me to tip them!!  So I can never, ever go back there again.  (…they charged a lot anyway…)

I’m a passionate, intense person and I cannot feel okay with mediocrity.  Especially when concerning education and emotion (the 2 E’s).  That is all.


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