“Ouchy” Don’t DO no JUSTICE.

It’s one in the morning and McKenna and I are sitting, quite unexpectedly, on Eva’s futon.  

Earlier this evening we pre-partied and took a couple shots of JD and piled into a 4runner, the driver of which was sober.  The place we were headed was only 2 blocks away, so we thought we’d be fine sitting unbelted in the very back since there weren’t enough seats for us.  We were blasting Sublime and I turned to McKenna and laughed that I felt like I was in high school again.

We passed the party, so the guy driving went up a block and turned around.  I don’t know if he was annoyed or just thinking it was a good time, but he accelerated toward a dip in the road from about 200 yards away.  

From that point on it felt like slow motion, myself and the others in the car yelled at him to SLOW DOWNNNN!!  I braced myself on the roof and the seat, but we hit the dip going at least 40 miles and hour.  I swear, it was so weird it was like slow motion.  I closed my eyes during, but I can see it all happening.  

My head hit the roof so hard my neck bent and my shoulders hit and I can see Mckenna in front of me, airborne, and then as we landed we bounced again. My mind immeditally began accessing the situation.  I think I was yelling at the top of my lungs, and same for Mckenna.  At first I thought I lost some teeth, or bit my tounge, but I didn’t.  My head was okay, neck… felt okay. I went down the list, and then my attention diverted to Mckenna who was obviously in enormous pain.  She landed on a bunch of car shocks he had in the back that we were partially sitting on top of.  I avoided them, lucky for me.

The car stopped and I jumped out, soaring on adrenaline.  Mckenna had me feeling so scared, I didn’t know what to do.  She was sobbing and I was holding her softly and asking her if she wanted to lie down. I called Eva and her boyfriend Ken was really close by.  He was working the late night tow truck shift and he got there within minutes and picked us up.

CUT to real time:  Now the adrenaline has gone away and our conclusion is that Mckenna took the impact in one general area (her back) and I took it in a number of different spots (my knee, my right butt cheek, my elbow and my hand…)  We’re about to fall asleep, but I’m not sure I can.

We haven’t we gone to the hospital because Mckenna’s insurance doesn’t cover her in SLO and my injuries are just really swollen and bruised, no need for the ER.  We’re going to take medical measures in the morning.  She’s got a heating pad and 800 mg of ibuprofen and her breathing is calm now, I really think she’ll be fine until morning.

I can’t believe how quickly things can change.  I realize now that the next time I think, “I feel like I’m in high school!”  I’ll think how stupid we are in high school and I’ll stop whatever it is I’m doing.


McKenna says” fuck my life….”

Until tomorrow… goodnight.


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