Holiday Season 2008, love, Parties, Sonoma


I’m hoooome! 

My “honey” is my little sister who, bless her heart, is rolling out pie crusts and peeling apples.  She didn’t have a seaming pie fresh out of the oven waiting for me, but I guess I’ll forgive her : )  ‘Tis the season, right?

Ha.  But really, it feels great to be home for the holidays.  Last night I stayed over at Molly’s beautiful house over looking the valley and we hot tubbed and it felt like I was on vacation in Tuscany.  I did forget to pack the pile of shirts I picked out, so I don’t have any tops!  But I’ll make do.  You’ll just see me wearing dresses far more often than normal.

Tonight I was going to have some girlfriends over to drink wine and hot tub because my Dad is out of town but we’re going to go to the Sonoma Lodge instead. ‘Cause we high class, thats how we roll.

I hope everyone has a joyful Thanksgiving, don’t eat too much pumpkin pie… drive safe, wear your seatbelt, maintain a safe following distance, don’t hit a dip going too fast… (by the way, it turns out McKenna fractured a vertebrae in her lower back!  I hope she heals quickly and throughly…. poor thing)

Happy Turkey Day babes. Xoxoxo














vote NO on 8 🙂n502000349_2065718_2920


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