Holidays 2008

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

T’was Christmas today…was a formidable day, filled with laughter and fun, then also with uncontrollable crying.  I will explain.

First off, I got the perfect kind of presents.  A set of very nice pots and pans from my mom, an amazing book called Cultural Amnesia from my dad (that I cannot hardly wait to read), an adorable hat from Lauren, poetry from my grandmother…

My grandmother… to whom I sent flowers earlier this month.  They were tulips with a very nice note signed, “Love always, your spunky dinkledwarf,”  because thats what she calls me.  When she told my family about my gift over a dinner I had to miss, they talked her out of the notion that I was the one who sent the blossoming bulbs.  “Erika is flat broke, she has not a penny to her name!  How could she send flowers?”  It must have been our cousin on the east coast, they told her.

Misguided by my doubtful family and ignoring her strong instinct, my Grandma called my cousin to thank him–and he took credit for them!  When I found this out I pulled out my hot iron and smoothed the situation right quick.  Alas, credit was finally given where credit was due.  Love you Grandma 🙂


Okay, so… great day.  And then, my family and I went to see The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.  I’m not going to sequester or hide what happened tonight.

I tried to stop.  I tried as hard as I could; I lifted my chin and took countless deep breaths, I looked upward, I thought of happy things… but, uncontrollably, I softly and steadily cried for the last 45 minutes of the movie.  

I haven’t cried like that in forever.  It was all so touching to me… the concept of death, of life–of grasping life because “you  never know what’s comin’ to gettcha.”  On top of it all, these eternal love stories keep sucker punching me.  I haven’t felt like this since I was a little girl, since before I was acquainted with love but I wanted it so badly.

So even after the movie was over, I still couldn’t stop crying.  My sisters were laughing at me and it was so absurd I would start to laugh also!  But then I’d think of how crazy I must look (laughing, crying, laughing) and so I’d start to cry again.

After the movie, I had to quickly exit the theater and make a dash for my car(still softly crying)  I think the movie had such an effect on me because I’ve always taken movies really personally–I let them have a huge effect on me.  

Especially this movie because I felt it beautifully captured everything I believe to be true about the world and how life should be lived.  That will always be enough to touch me.  

My eyes hurt, I’m in dire need of sleep and I’m PMSing.  That may have something to do with it, too…

Holidays 2008

I Want The Irrevocable Kind

Okay.  Eva?  Molly?  I’m sorry for making fun of you for loving the Twilight series.

I just saw the movie, and –basically…  I loved it.

Twilight was corny enough to suspend my disbelief but still put a giant, dorky grin on my face, and it was as sexy as slow love in the winter time.  I’m very surprised.

A boy I was with bit me so hard on the neck, I had a painful bruise for at least 2 weeks.  That’s the closest I’ve come to vampires.  But that bruise wasn’t sexy, and this movie was.


So I just got on the 5:20 bus to the San Francisco ferry building.  As I was walking up to the bus it changed gears and almost drove away.  It made my fight or flight instincts kick up. I got this wave of adrenaline because a bus almost pulled away from me. How jumpy is that?

Anyway, I made it. and now I’m headed home to San Francisco Bay.  I keep jogging my mind trying to think if I forgot anything…  paid my bills, cashed my check, packed my family’s presents, went to Shins sushi to remind them to hire me… I think I’m all set.

Speaking of jogging, I need to start jogging for serious.  I’m running an 8 mile race with a boy that came to our holiday party.  I got drunk and pinky promised to run it with him, and now I’m being held to it!  I can do it though, I’m in pretty good shape right now…but you know what?  I like my little curves. So I just need to up my cardio and my mileage.



The next boy I date needs to be quiet, but have intense conviction. I think for me to fall in love again, i need to have passionate, social intimacy before romantic intimacy (if that makes any sense) I need some sexual tension so thick you could cut it with a knife.  I need a sturdy figure witha solid sense of self and in order to attract this man, basically, I need to take a child’s dose of a chill pill.  I’m always buzzin’ like neon.


This love is no where to be found as of now, but 2009 will be a year for change–hopefully the winds of change will breeze past me.

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John Mayer Is In My Shower

Whenever I take a hot shower, I think of John Mayer.  I think of him because I think how good a hot shower feels, and then I remember that he once said, “love is hot shower where your skin never prunes.”  Then I think about how good love feels, and I admire the simplicity and truth of that quote.  I wish I could feel that kind of love AND take a hot shower every day!

If it were possible, I would wear John Mayer’s guitar strings around my wrist every day of my life  (even though he didn’t respond to my fan letter–busy with Jen, I get it.  Just like Obama was “too busy” running for president to send a thank you card for the chopsticks I sent he and Michelle [if you don’t know the story behind that, I apologize.]  I’m totally kidding anyway..)


I can wear his guitar strings around my wrist every day of my life!!!

For the modest price of $200+ dollars (100% of proceeds go to the Back To You Fund)  Check it out:


It even comes with a certificate of authenticity!

It even comes with a certificate of authenticity!

Those pictures are from the John Mayer Team blog, btw.

So I thought I’d share that.

3 nights ago I had a dream that my sister Ashley and I met John Mayer.  He didn’t know who the Allman Brothers were, and I had to spell “Allman” for him.  It rumpled my feathers but I didn’t let it show.  He liked Ashley a lot more than he liked me anyhow.  We went to a grocery store with him (this natural food store I vividly remember as a kid, I think it was next to where the Bagel Shop is…)  and got lost, but actually… I was the only one who got lost.  They stayed together in the store, lucky girl….  hmpf.  Either way, I simply didn’t want that dream to end.

Holidays 2008

I’m Sorry, Are We Falling Apart?

Dear Mister Howe,

In the event of the unmitigated malfunction of our economic system and, correspondingly, the horrific display of the disarray of our internal affairs and infrastructure, I cannot complete my research paper.  Thank you for understanding.  May God help us.



AND NOW, my favorite part of today:


[My Schedule For Spring 2009:

9-10:20     Endurance Conditioning
10:30-11:50     Cultural Anthropology 
12:00-1:20     Pilates
1:30-2:50     Political Science

9:00-10:20     English Literature
10:30-11:20     Weight Training
1:30-2:50     History of Afro-American    ]


Still tentative, I need to crash that English class… and If I can’t get in than I don’t know if I’ll join the weight training. But hopefully I can!  With all that exercise I could compete in a triathlon.  Who will join me?