Holidays 2008


  • …can’t wait for the “The Spirit”.  It comes out Christmas day, looks riveting and it has an amazing cast.
  • …am trying to let go of the idea of seeing John Mayer this weekend in LA.  I keep repeating the phrase, “I can’t go, it’s not practical and it’d be selfish of me.  I can’t go.  I can’t.”  Deep inside I can’t help but have this feeling that it’s somehow possible,  I can’t wrap my mind around the truth that it’s too crazy.  Not impossible, but too crazy.
  • …CAN’T WAIT for the movie “The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button”  Watch the trailer, it looks like a rarity, a gem of a movie.
  • ….don’t know how to tell my roommate that I can’t afford to share my food anymore.  The problem is, it’s not sharing…  sharing involves a reciprocation, a return, it’s a two way street.  This isn’t a two way street unless I’m seriously, seriously overlooking something.  I love to share! But I don’t like to give what I don’t have, which is money to buy groceries (for myself, let alone for someone else)
  • …can’t wait to fall in love again.  And in the mean time, I’ll be patient.
  • …will learn to take my own advice.
  • …will find a higher paying, more satisfying job.  I cannot live like this, being so poor.  My life at present, while being fantastic in its own right, doesn’t include money.  I know I can do much better.
  • …will move to LA in in 2009.

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